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v1.3 is out! NEW VIDEO! Accounts & Info And More!
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Author: MrShadowThing No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v1.3
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 13 Jun 2012
Last Updated: 01 Nov 2012
Views: 43672
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.65713 (35 votes)
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You are allowed to change the values of the opcodes "0AB3" and "0AB4" if you need to. but remember that if you have money in the bank, withdraw it first

Read through "Next Version" often to stay updated with the mod!

Bank Q&A - Please read! There is some important information about the mod here
  • How is the money saved in the bank? I use the opcodes 0AB3 and 0AB4 to save the money in the bank. Their values are saved in the CLEO save. To actually save your money in the bank you need to save the game. You save the money in the bank exactly like you save the money you have on hand. Their values will only save to the saved game. Are you confused? PM me if you have any questions! Sorry for the vague explanation. I will make a better one when I feel like it.
  • Can I deposit/withdraw money in/from the bank? Yes you can! All you need to do is to go inside a bank, get inside one of the two spheres that are inside the bank. There will now be a menu that allows you to choose if you want to deposit or withdraw money. Press 1 to deposit money, press 2 to withdraw money. When you have chosen one of the options a $ will be displayed under your money in your bank. Use 1-9 and 0 to deposit/withdraw the right amount of money. Press Enter when you are ready. If you pressed the wrong number you can press backspace to remove that number. To exit from the "money decider" you need to press backspace until you don't see the $-text on screen.
  • Where are the banks? There are 10 banks all over San Andreas. The banks are easy to find because their location is market with a $-marker on the map.
  • Why do I get the text message "Transaction Failed"? That happens when you want to deposit/withdraw more than you can, but also when you are trying to get over $99999999 in the bank or the money on you. Example 1: You have $1000 on you and you want to deposit $200000 into the bank. Example 2: You have $1000 in your bank and you want to withdraw $200000 from the bank. Example 3: You have $99999999 in your bank and you want to deposit $1.
  • How much money can I store in the bank? You can store up to $99999999.
  • How do I unistall the mod? Very simple - Remove all the files that is from the mod. REMEMBER - If you for some reason decide to unistall this mod, the money in the bank will disappear so to make everyone happy - Withdraw all the money from the bank into your hands before you unistall the mod.
  • How much money can I deposit/withdraw at a time? You can deposit/withdraw maximum $99999999
Next Version (v1.4)
Done - Smaller files - You press "Stats" button now to see the information about the bank (made it work with the mod "Drug Dealer") - You cannot get out of the bank until you get away from the entrance - The people and the cops cannot get inside the bank if you are at the entrance Working On - Looking into the robbery system Not Started -
v1.3 - more $ONMISSION checks - You can have 3 bank accounts - If you press TAB you will see information about the bank (see below) - You will see how much money you have in each account - You will see what account you are currently on - You will see how many accounts you have - You will see the total balance in the accounts you have - You will see the interest on each bank account - You will see the taxes - Every Sunday at 16:00 you will pay $10000 in house taxes - Every day at 16:30 the bank will accumulate 0.05% of interest of the total amount of money in every account - The money that will get removed from house taxes will be removed from account 1 first, then the money in your pocket, then account 2 and then account 3 - You have 1 account, you need to buy the other 2 accounts for $100000 each - If you do not have enought money in your pocket, your first, second and third account, you will loose one account (You will always have atleast one account) - More files! v1.2 - Random peds and cops can enter, and exit the banks. - If you are wanted, security guards will enter the bank through the other door and shoot you with M4 - If you fail to rob the bank, you will still get 4 stars - Even though you are robbing the bank, the robbery may still fail in the end - Added a text on how much you have taken if the robbery is a success - Made a check if CJ is in a bank for the files that needed it - If you are robbing the bank, a security alarm will go off - If you get out of the bank while the alarm is on, the alarm will stop v1.1 - There is only one sphere, not 10 spheres. - Changed some things in the code, makes no difference to the gameplay - Added $ONMISSION check - You are able to rob the bank - If you rob the bank, you will get 4 stars - The robbery may fail. If that happens you will not get any money - You can get from $10000 to $30000 if the robbery doesn't fail - There are NPCs in the bank v1.0.1 - Fixed a smal bug v1.0 - Your money in the bank is viewed like the money in hand, only that the money in the bank have blue color, not green - You can go inside the banks - You need to get inside a bank and get to one of the markers in it to be able to Deposit and Withdraw money - There is a marker ($) in the map where the banks are - You can deposit money into the bank - You can withdraw money from the bank - One Bank in Esplanade East - One Bank in Fort Carson - One Bank in Las Barrancas - One Bank in El Quebrados - One Bank in Las Payasadas - One Bank in Angel Pine - One Bank in Montgomery - One Bank in Palomino Creek - One Bank in Commerce - One Bank in Roca Escalante
mydesde23532 commented 2 months ago:
Please help me, the game is crashing/crashed when am robbering bank, deposit. Can you fix the bug please? Thanks. :( :sui: Of you helping me or you fixed the crashs/bugs a will add 5 ratings for you.
commented over 4 years ago:
I am also having the same issue as Dafuq23!! :angry:
Dafuq23 commented over 4 years ago:
Hey , when i remove this mod , the money symbol isn't remove to ? Why ? can you gift me the solution . I have reinstall and still not remove
Hunter010 commented over 4 years ago:
when i go to bank n get out again i'm on City Hall(LS) but its in somewhere like tunnel i dunno its a bug or not but i report is coz i a bit disappointed :( :sui:
Lord Lucky Strike commented over 4 years ago:
your bank works correctly but when i try to deposit money i press on 1 it gives me a blank dollar sign but i'm not able to imput anything, which removes the best of this mod :(
Rodent commented over 5 years ago:
ten thousand dollars in house taxes each week is excessive. It renders the a 0.05% interest rate meaningless unless you have more than Twenty million dollars at all times in the account. Other than that this mod is pretty cool.
mkthetimelord commented over 5 years ago:
So with this could we effectively have the max amount of $ in each account and in the hand so we can have more money than usual?
TCosmin commented over 5 years ago:
You have to use money.cs from bank with sanny builder. Find , unload_wav 1" and change to 0. No text skip!! For commerce bank you have to go to the bank near the red marker press esc to menu and check for x y z coord. I used crazy trainer , teleporter part. in order to see current coord(xyz), sellect current. Use the interior.cs with sanny and verify the coord. that see in mod with little difference. Correct those difference and you will not exit in the bank. !! V1.3 Sorry for bad english!!
TCosmin commented over 5 years ago:
Mr. Shodow. -The banks 1.2 and 1.3 have 1 large bug. -Money.cs have the bug. -My mission (external text of mission) is skipping. -I also have gxt hook. - [size=3]PlZZ HELP!! SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH.
MrShadowThing commented over 5 years ago:
 QUOTE (YAhiA 2012 @ 11:15, Yesterday)
hey brother whats up ?? Hope you R in good ... I see a big bug with ur mod I hope you can solve it because the mod is amazing ... When we play the game with the mod ... the subtitles don't appear or appear and hide very quickly so plz fix that problem with the subtitle If you can ^ then you deserve 5 * ... thanks at all
Thanks for the comment! I'll try to fix it
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