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San Andreas Rapid Transit
New rapid transit across San Andreas
Information Files
Author: gtavice101
No Download: Mod Not Complete
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 30 May 2012
Last Updated: 01 Apr 2013
Views: 7718
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4 (2 votes)
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New Rapid Transit!

first line i will make is red line:
1-Cranberry Station (interchange with Brown Streak Railroad)
2-Bayside Station
3-Verdant Meadows Station
4-Yellow Bell Station (interchange with Brown Streak Railroad)
5-Caligula's Palace Station (interchange with Red Line towards Linden Int Loop)
6-Linden Station (Interchange with Brown Streak Railroad)
7-Mulholland Station
8-Chilliad Station

this is still work in progress (expected completion: late 2012/early 2013)


March 2013 update! Read now!

The Linden Station Loop will be removed but instead four new stations in Financial San Fierro, off the Strip near the Four Dragons, near Santa Maria Beach and a station in Angel Pine will be created.

Updated red line stations:
1-Cranberry Station (interchange with Brown Streak Railroad)
2-Financial San Fierro Station
3-Bayside Station
4-Verdant Meadows Station
5-Yellow Bell Station (interchange with Brown Streak Railroad)
6-Caligula's Palace Station
7-The Four Dragons Station (interchange with Green Line)
8-Mulholland Station
9-Santa Maria Beach Station (interchange with Blue Line)
10-Angel Pine Station
11-Chilliad Station

The second line will be the Los Santos Line or the Blue Line. True to its name, it will only be located in the city of Los Santos.
It will have 9 stations.

1-Downtown Los Santos Station
2-Jefferson Station
3-Richman Station
4-Santa Maria Beach Station (interchange with Red Line)
5-Market Station (interchange with Brown Streak Railroad)
6-Los Santos Airport Station
7-Ocean Docks Station
8-East Beach Station
9-Grove Street Station

The third line will be the Julius Thruway line or the Green Line. True to its name, it will only be located in Las Venturas above the Julius Thruway ring road. It will have 7 stations.

1-Yellow Bell South Station
2-Whitewood Estates Station
3-Las Venturas Stadium Station
4-Harry Gold Parkway Station
5-The Four Dragons Station (interchange with Red Line)
6-Linden Station (interchange with Brown Streak Railroad via underground link)
7-West Las Venturas Station
8-Julius Thruway North Station

The fourth line is the San Fierro Line or the Purple Line. true to its name it will only be located in San Fierro. it will have 7 stations. This line will not connect to any other announced lines or the Brown Streak Railroad. It may or may not connect to future unannounced lines.

1-Esplanade North Station
2-Calton Heights Station
3-King's Station
4-Garcia Station
5-Hashbury Station
6-Avispa Country Club Station
7-Ocean Flats Station

All in all the total number of stations added is 34 and the total number of lines added is 4. With the Brown Streak Railroad, San Andreas will now have 39 train stations in 5 lines. The red line will be more of a intercity railway while the blue, green and purple lines will be more of a subway. This mod will nearly triple the rail length of San Andreas State. It will bring more connections to the people of San Andreas and the player himself. Future lines may and will be announced and released in the near future.

In addition, a new small two lane road will be added between the east of Bone County and the west of Las Venturas in a small residential neighborhood. It will be constructed not only because for the sake of shortcuts but also because a future rapid transit station will be located here.

And for your information, the red line release date will be moved to 4Q of 2013. Maybe releasing the same day as GTA V, to make the mod look better. For the other announced lines it may be released sometime before Christmas 2013. Thank you for your understanding.
lemalue commented 9 months ago:
its gonna be a MUST SEE!! add 1 in cj house if you can, how can trains be interiors e.g. caligulas int. as it says on snapshot :D
gta111 commented over a year ago:
I would love to see this mod, finished :colgate: looks cool
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