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Sky Bus
Yep, its a Flying Bus
Information Files
Author: Chong McBong
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.2
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 23 Apr 2012
Last Updated: 07 May 2012
Views: 16787
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.57143 (14 votes)
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Sky Bus
This replaces the Shamal The amazing SkyBus, an exciting new plane, made in 1 afternoon, by Krazy_Eddie and Chong McBong. It consists of a Bus (from San Andreas) and a Shamal (from San Andreas), combined to form a crazy flying machine :) Works perfectly in SA-MP and single player. no handling lines needed, just drop in the dff and txd files. Includes: Ridiculous Flying Bus Diffuse lights Custom Shadow Custom LOD (distant low poly view) Carcols compatible Credits: Rockstar Games for the original models. Krazy_Eddie (Guth3D) for editing and joining them together Chong McBong for the idea, diffuse lights, moving undercarriage, and some tweaks
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commented 3 months ago:
neither of us have any scripting knowledge, so that wouldn't really be possible
commented 4 months ago:
Can you make a cleo script making the wings fold up, so you can drive it on the road?
commented 4 months ago:
nice, really nice :) 99 / 5 ^-^ P.S. im inloved in this , Sky Bus'' :D
jaymce commented 9 months ago:
I LOVE IT!! :r*: :r*: :D :D here have alot of these :cookie: :cookie:
Omar 10 commented 11 months ago:
good idea ;)
ken rosenberg1234 commented over a year ago:
lol :happy:
Chong McBong commented over a year ago:
 QUOTE (MG3 @ 14:05, Today)
This should to be named: Airbus (literally). I created a flying bus too but mine is an heli.
We called it the skybus just to make it different from all the airbus mods... people would just think "oh another boring airbus" and skip past it... "skybus" makes it sound strange and different :p
MG3 commented over a year ago:
This should to be named: Airbus (literally). I created a flying bus too but mine is an heli.
dogiSpeakers commented over a year ago:
OMG man... you are a genius!
alaamzz commented over a year ago:
haha, very very kreatif brother :D :D
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Updated to version 1.2
lots of bugs fixed, details and extras added, chassis_vlo added, download now :) and dont forget to rate it... (47 downloads of version 1.1) Known bugs: needs a little bit more runway to take off than the standard shamal, due to wheel placement.

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