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Projector Headlights Mod
more realistic xenon headlights
Information Files
Author: JzztBlazze
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 10 Apr 2012
Last Updated: 10 Apr 2012
Views: 9340
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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This is the first official release of the mod.
There are still some fixes to be done and can be most noticed in the center of the cutoff line where it shifts upwards, it is still a little pixelized, will be fixed. When one of the headlights is broken the texture goes away and you are left with the old circle-like texture, I am looking around as how to fix this.

This will replace the file lights_occluders.wtd and modify visualSettings.dat values.

Install instructions.
1. Make a backup somewhere on your pc of the original files going to be replaced/modified..
2. Download .rar file and place "lights_occluders.wtd" in "Grand Theft Auto IV\pc\textures" folder
3. Go to "Grand Theft Auto IV\common\data" and open "visualSettings.dat" with notepad.
4. Scroll down to find #config values for vehice settings.
5. Replace with the one provided in readme (found below).

car.headlight.angle	-0.20	
# car.headlight.color	1.00	1.00	1.00	1.00	1.00	1.00	
car.headlight.intensity	5.00	
car.headlight.falloffMax	50.00	
car.headlight.innerConeAngle	20.00	
car.headlight.outerConeAngle	60.00	
car.headlight.emissive.on	5.00	0.10	

Save changes and close.

Start game, enjoy your more realistic headlights.

Note: This is something I have been working on in my spare time because I love lights. So if you have any opinions/criticism tell me.


Here is how to modify the visualSettings.dat values to make this work better for you depending on what you want.

I have googled but have found other people who explain things differently, this is the way I see these values.

car.headlight.angle	-0.20	 - Angle of the lightbeam pointing down from origin (ex. car headlight) -0.20=-20degrees, KEEP NEGATIVE, positive values will raise the beam up.	
# car.headlight.color	1.00	1.00	1.00	- headlight color in RGB spectrum (Red, Green Blue)	1.00	- Put here the first value of the # car.headlight.color	1.00	- Put here the second value of the # car.headlight.color	1.00	- Put here the third value of the # car.headlight.color	
car.headlight.intensity	5.00	- How bright the headlights are (ex. Lumens) the brighter the more lit up surfaces/roads will be.	
car.headlight.falloffMax	50.00 - How far the headlight beam will travel, in other words light intensity(ex. candela)	
car.headlight.innerConeAngle	20.00 - How wide the beam will be just as it is starting in front of the car (right in front of car headlights)	
car.headlight.outerConeAngle	60.00 - How wide the beam will be at the end of the light output (see example below)	
car.headlight.emissive.on	5.00	- How bright the coronas.wtd file is when the high beams (default key "H") are enabled.	0.10	How bright the coronas.wtd file is when the low beams are enabled (lights that turn on automatically when you get in car at night) and AI driver's headlights coronas too.

example for car.headlight.falloffMax

 \ / <- small falloffMax value
 \ /
 | | <- car

 \ / <- large falloffMax value
 \ /
 \ /
 \ /
 | | <- car

example for
car.headlight.innerConeAngle	20.00
car.headlight.outerConeAngle 60.00

 \ / <- the length of this value here is the .outerConeAngle (light will fade to black)
 \ /
 \ /
 \ /
 \/ <- the length of this value here is the innerConeAngle
 | | <- car

For both cases, the bigger the number the wider

example! if numbers were raised

 \ /
 \ /
 \ /
 \ /
 | | <- car

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