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GTA San Andreas-like Menu
You always wanted a high-resolution one
Information Files
Author: disyer
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 2.5
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 22 Feb 2012
Last Updated: 02 Mar 2012
Views: 10616
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.125 (8 votes)
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GTA San Andreas-like Menu
Hello guys! This is Disyer with a new mod. This mod makes the GTA Vice City menu look like GTA San Andreas. So far, I made a new menu background, new intro menus, a new loading screen, a new location indicator, a new map, new HUD icons and new fonts.
Tech Notes
If you are wondering what which file replaces, here is some information for you:
splash1.txd - Replaces one of the loading screen which appears when you are travelling between two islands to a EAX intro screen. splash2.txd - Replaces one of the loading screen which appears when you are travelling between two islands to a Nvidia intro screen. outro.txd - Replaces the screen that appears when you are exiting the game to a picture that shows Tommy flying in a airplane away from Vice City. loadsc0.txd - Replaces the original loading screen to a new one made by me. intro1.txd - Replaces the old Marco Bistro intro text to a much stylish one. intro2.txd - Replaces the old Escobar International Airport intro text to a much stylish one. intro3.txd - Replaces the old Vice City Docks intro text to a much stylish one. intro4.txd - Replaces the old Vice Beach intro text to a much stylish one.
american.gxt - Removes the "You are here" text from the map menu.
fronten1.txd - Replaces the menu cursor to the GTA San Andreas one and the menu background to a tweaked GTA San Andreas menu background. fronten2.txd - Replaces the old map with one that includes water. hud.txd - Replaces the location indicator in the map menu, and the old HUD icons. fonts.txd - Replaces the old fonts with San Andreas fonts
Rockstar North for the GTA series and resources. Nvidia Corporation for the Nvidia logo. Creative Technology for the EAX logo. Delfi for TXD Workshop. An unknown wikipedia user for the transparent Grand Theft Auto Vice City logo. dotPDN LLC for Paint.NET. Disyer for making the mod... ... and you, for hopefully downloading this mod.
This isn't exactly a final version. There is more to do. To-Dos:
  • blue menu text
  • and more if I get ideas from users
Do not distribute this mod without my permission. You can ask me for permission on GTA Garage, Yahoo "disyer" and AIM "randomlilduck". Thanks again for using this mod! PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL THE NEW HUD! IT IS BUGGY. WE WILL SOON REPAIR IT!
yo9999 commented over 5 years ago:
Excellent mod :beerhat:
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