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Reliant Regal & Supervan
Crazy 3 Wheelers [1962-1973]
Information Files
Author: Chong McBong
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.2
Status: Complete
Started on: 12 Dec 2011
Last Updated: 11 Jun 2012
Views: 14708
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.28572 (7 votes)
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Reliant Regal & Supervan III [1962-1973]
"The Plastic Pig"
Crazy British 3 wheelers - made famous by the BBC TV show "Only Fools and Horses". Replaces: Burrito, Cheetah, Yosemite (multipack contains all versions) Build time 2 months 69k triangles Burrito: Only Fools And Horses Version:
Yosemite: Reliant Regal 3/30 Sedan:
Cheetah: tuned Reliant Supervan III: (with spoilers / hydraulics / nos / paint / wheels / sideskirts options)
Included so far:
  • working windscreen wipers (press K)
  • moving steering wheel and speedometer
  • crazy handling
  • custom collisions
  • carcols compatible
  • custom shadow
  • furry dice that bounce (indestructible front bumper object)
  • lots of nice details
These mods are SA-MP compatible :rah:
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Gta3Person commented over a year ago:
So awesome :r*:
Diller commented over 2 years ago:
Mr. Bean? I saw this car, when he was speeding through the parking lot :)
Chong McBong commented over 2 years ago:
 QUOTE (milliom23 @ 22:52, Yesterday)
could i have your converted San andreas?
my converted san andreas? huh? all my mods are available here, my full game isn't released, and contains no more than is released on my website... its too buggy to release anyway, as it has various test versions of mods, and half finished experiments driving around :p
milliom23 commented over 2 years ago:
could i have your converted San andreas?
Chong McBong commented over 2 years ago:
updated all versions to include moving steering wheel, moving wipers (press K), moving speedometer, diffuse dashboard lights, bug fixes, and lots more... :) (780 downloads of version 1.0)
TLFdjobaw commented over 2 years ago:
wow... :blink: this is mr bean enemies car... :lol:
Chong McBong commented over 2 years ago:
the next update will probably change the cheetah version to something else... its too fast i think :p
Ascona96 commented over 3 years ago:
Cool lil' old cart that looks so masculine in sedan version. The van, instead, reminds me from the 90's comedy series Mr. Bean who is always pushing the light blue Reliants everywhere with his Mini. :D
Chong McBong commented over 3 years ago:
thanks for the comments dudes :) don't forget to report any bugs, and please rate it too :p
D3mi53 commented over 3 years ago:
Another one of the many great mods by Chong! Great work!! :rah: -Crystal from Pilot's Life
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updated to 1.2
added lots of nice stuff, see description for info

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