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Real Reload
reloading discards the ammo in the clip
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Author: AngryAmoeba No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.3.2
Status: Complete
Started on: 07 Sep 2011
Last Updated: 15 Jan 2013
Views: 12218
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.88889 (9 votes)
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v1.3.2 - last updated January 15, 2013

More realistic reload model!
 - Switching weapons no longer refills the gun's clip.
 - Reloading discards the remaining ammo in the clip (except for shotguns that don't use magazines).

This is a script for HazardX's .NET scripthook. Just place RealReload.cs and RealReload.ini into the 'scripts' folder of the .NET scripthook.
Note: If you don't use the R key for reloading, you'll have to change the key setting in RealReload.ini.

 - Doesn't work with gamepads, unfortunately.
 - When you switch weapons, your ammo will briefly look like the clip was refilled. As soon as you can aim the gun, the ammo numbers will revert back to what they were when you last used the gun.
 - The sawn-off shotgun in TLAD shouldn't be affected, but I can't test it since I don't have TLAD.

v1.3.2  January 15, 2013
 - Fixed bug where switching weapons during a reload caused a chain of reloads until all ammo disappeared

v1.3.1  November 15, 2012
 - Added INI setting for whether remaining ammo in clip is lost when you reload
 - Very minor code cleanup

v1.3  November 6, 2011
 - Now you must change the default key in the INI if you don't use R (reverted from v1.2)
 - Fixed bug where the reload key would be undetected if pressed too fast
 - Fixed bug where switching weapons would refill the gun's clip
 - Fixed bug where trying to reload with zero extra ammo would empty the clip
 - You can now cancel a reload by switching weapons before it's complete
 - Converted script from VB.NET to C#

v1.2  May 24, 2011
 - Bug fixed - no longer necessary to edit the code for reload keys other than R
 - Bug maybe fixed - added TLAD sawn-off shotgun to unaffected weapons

v1.1  April 22, 2011
 - Bug fixed - no longer subtracts a whole clip of ammo when you try to reload with a full clip.
 - Bug fixed - no longer subtracts ammo multiple times when you press R multiple times.
 - Added info in script on how to edit for a reload key other than R.
leatherpenis commented over 4 years ago:
sorry no.1 no screenshot no download :turn: :sui: :die:
jadinho commented over 6 years ago:
how rockstar forgot to include that :O? 5 stars :colgate:
LigthWolf commented over 6 years ago:
Just me that can't download? Seems like a great mod though.
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