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Improved Aircraft Sounds
Information Files
Author: GTASanAndreas12345 No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 02 Aug 2011
Last Updated: 11 Apr 2012
Views: 14677
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4 (4 votes)
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This mod will replace the sounds of most fixed-wing aircraft in the game with more realistic ones.

The sounds should not cause any sound bugs in the game.

The mod will change the sounds of the following aircraft:

- Dodo
- Cropduster
- Shamal
- AT-400
- Andromada
- Hydra
- Rustler
- Stuntplane
- Skimmer

NOTE: This mod comes with the entire sound effects folder for quick and easy installation. However, if you have already modded some sounds and don't want to lose them, then only replace the following banks:

- Bank_132
- Bank_114
- Bank_047
- Bank_048

Sounds for the Beagle and Nevada have not been included, as replacing these sounds will create weird noises and bugs.


GTASanAndreas12345 commented over 6 years ago:
I'm soon going to upload version 2.0, which includes new Beagle and Nevada sounds. You should be aware, though, that replacing those sounds may cause some sound bugs, although not too severe.
SolanaBogon commented over 6 years ago:
Yeah, but 1, 17 Mo, it's largely smaller, a download time really shorter. And you have find any sound for the Beagle and Nevada?
GTASanAndreas12345 commented over 6 years ago:
18 MB is not big. It doesn't take long to download unless you have a slow internet connection.
SolanaBogon commented over 6 years ago:
yes, but the file size is too big, so the download is quite long...
GTASanAndreas12345 commented over 6 years ago:
I thought it may be easier to install them that way. I know some people may have modded other sounds too, so I'll leave in the description what banks are to be replaced.
SolanaBogon commented over 6 years ago:
Good, but why to have add in your .zip all sounds of the game and not only yours?
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