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Animations Mod
Includ. Stoppin a taxi, Hijacking and much more!
Information Files
Author: KnnO
Files have been uploaded and will appear online shortly
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.1
Status: Complete
Started on: 01 Jul 2011
Last Updated: 03 Mar 2015
Views: 41543
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.72728 (22 votes)
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Hi, what you can do with this mod is:

End + 1show/hide the help box
End + PgUp/PgDnswitch help box pages
End + 2Cough
End + 3Talk with cellphone
End + 4Sit down/stand up (real animation not like other mods)
End + 5look around
End + 6Cowered
End + 7Throw up
End + 8Smoking
End + 9Drink
End + 0Piss
End + Ztake cover (stand facing a wall in front of you)
End + Xtake cover (stand facing a wall in front of you)
How to make wall cover: -Stand in front of a wall as demonstratet in the screenshot distance -Press End + X or Z to make wall cover and get steady to your right X or left Z (try it and you'll see) -After animation is finished (don't move or jump!), you can hold RMB to aim, release to re-take cover. -if you move then the animation or this thing will end. Now these functions only work when slow-mo mod is running
End + 2(-) Slower
End + B + 3(ON/OFF) start/stop slow-mo mod
End + 4(ON/OFF) Xplosion behind you
End + 5(+) Faster
End + 6(0) Fade in
End + 7Dive Jump, try it !
End + 8(1) Fade out
Special functions
End + Driving bikeHijack to a car aside
End + Driving DodoFreefall
T A X I M O D Taxi mod is a part of this thing
T + 1catch a taxi on the road
Get near the car or \Enter the taxi as a passenger
Enter or \stop and exit the taxi
Hand brakestop for (hold) time
Thanks for reading Copyright (C) 2011 [email protected]
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KnnO commented 2 months ago: :turn: :sarcasm: :sarcasm: :sarcasm:
Kikato commented 2 months ago:
 QUOTE (KnnO @ 14:59, 20 Dec 2014)
There was the taxi mod file missing! reuploaded... Lol after these years and now I notice. :/:sui: :sui:
Can you send me another link to download the mod please? This site sucks horse ass...
KnnO commented 3 months ago:
There was the taxi mod file missing! reuploaded... Lol after these years and now I notice. :/:sui: :sui:
KnnO commented 5 months ago:
I can send it to your email :p
THISISMYUSERNAMEyo commented 6 months ago:
Com'on!! :angry: I cant download this mod, it just loading and dont give me the download. :( :(
KnnO commented 11 months ago:
The description is the read me :p
Truth_seeker commented 11 months ago:
DMNIT #1 Mistake!! no read me
KnnO commented over 2 years ago:
Eazy_Z commented over 2 years ago:
KnnO commented over 2 years ago:
Thanks dude :D
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TAXI MOD Uploaded
12/27/2014 - Taxi mod is now inside the RAR archive (wooops!) now we wait for approval

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