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Cheat Menu
Weapon Menu, Car Spawner, Mission Select, and more
Information Files
Author: UNRATED69
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: V3
Status: Complete
Started on: 08 Jun 2011
Last Updated: 02 Apr 2012
Views: 827779
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.78296 (129 votes)
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V3 is here!

New features include:

-The ability to set the time
-Set the amount of ammo you have
-Lock/unlock cars
-Set zone gang amounts
-New vehicle options
-New look

Now cut down to only two files, with all the old features intact.
NeoAnto commented 3 weeks ago:
Hey! When I want to change the colors of the car or the weather when pressing left or right it does not happen anything
Takasugi11 commented 4 weeks ago:
so this cheats will not allow you get 100 % in the game right ? if not please tell me ... [i]
BLaDe228 commented 2 months ago:
Where is Journey? I can't find it. :blink:
agiel commented 3 months ago:
good mood working on 1.0 :D
InvisibleQuantum commented 5 months ago:
Cheat Menu V3 - German Translation for your gtagarage site :D :r*:
Hoang Hai Gamer! commented 11 months ago:
When i try to start new game or load save file, It crashes. Well this mods have too many bugs and crashes :(
Hoang Hai Gamer! commented over a year ago:
It also crashes when i got busted on near police station
Hoang Hai Gamer! commented over a year ago:
Help, When i load the save game on my computer. It crashes :/
ThaGTAMODDER1234 commented over a year ago:
Hey, when I press the ctrl+q+e, it crashes. Please help! :D
diego sednarb commented over a year ago:
Please make that the menu don't close with each cheat used it's annoying to have to open and enter to each submenu with any cheat used, also if the menu doesn't close when you select a cheat is better for example for test each vehicles if you are not sure. And please support for Ginput, the gamepad don't work with the arrow key function in some cheats. Thank you! :) :D
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