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Shotgun With Explosives Shells
now also for Vice City (MVL)
Information Files
Author: ThirteenAG
Works with: GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 3.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 01 May 2011
Last Updated: 08 Dec 2013
Views: 27762
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.40001 (30 votes)
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Vice City installation: Install Maxo's Vehicle Loader from here - Copy folders CLEO and mvl in your Vice City root directory. Shotgun placed at tool shops at Washington beach and Little Havana. It will cost you $2000.
Readme file included in archive, so read it to install this mod properly. Don't forget to make backups. Thanks DK22Pac and Den_spb for cleo script. V2 changelog: -small fixes. -increased power of explosion. V3 changelog: -added icon for standart sa hud(not well, but... ). -added icon for iv hud(for import in GTA_IV_HUD\weapon.txd). -added full compatibility with manual driveby script.
ZBRJY commented 9 months ago:
Hello.Can you tell me your e-mail? I want to ask some questions. Thanks. :inlove:
GODOFGAME commented 10 months ago:
Can Work This Mod In 10 Seconds Before My Game Crash. :colgate:
GODOFGAME commented 10 months ago:
I Can't Pick Up The AA12 In San Andreas When I Pick Up My Game Crash In 10 Seconds. :(
GODOFGAME commented 10 months ago:
Hey xbxy Stolen This Mod.
jemoeder51 commented 10 months ago:
can you make this for GTA3 Please? :D
commented 11 months ago:
For GTA SA Manual Driveby Is Here
commented 11 months ago:
Thank you for writing, I love your study of the source code :alien:
commented over a year ago:
gtavc shadows from mvl
commented over a year ago:
gtavc shadows from mvl
commented over a year ago:
where do you get the shadows? where do you downloaded it plz give me the link... :D or is that mvl mod.
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