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More Peoples In Sa
increased '' GREAT Really! Crowd of peoples
Information Files
Author: shubham.india
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: Beta
Status: Complete
Started on: 24 Apr 2011
Last Updated: 10 Nov 2012
Views: 13866
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.31578 (19 votes)
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hey this is great mod more people in sa [increased] i know you'll like this.

now feel the crowd
in SA

crowd of Gang members, police, peds in the whole city LA, SF and VEGAS

enjoy the great mod :)

install: copy data folder and paste into gta sa root folder.

Don't forget to vote :)

(sorry for typing mistake) 'peoples' :/

(if you want to ask somthing
about this mod)
you can add me on facebook
here -

Jay Hind
mikros1 commented 11 months ago:
the mod works reducing the number of peds repeated?
shubham.india commented 11 months ago:
@Arman Ossi Loko yes i mean people but it was a mistake because of my bad english sorry for that :/
Arman Ossi Loko commented 11 months ago:
Peoples? You mean people
Rizqan7 commented 11 months ago:
I'm League But A MANIAC! :p
James N commented over a year ago:
Is this mod recommended for low end PC, s? If not that's fine, I'll still download it for the good computer I have.
Gamelord commented over a year ago:
5/5 :r*:
shubham.india commented over a year ago:
@Gamelord no this mod will not increase or add peds in the areas where people dont appear it will increase people just for the cities where people appear already
Gamelord commented over a year ago:
Gr8 idea of increasing the peds, but will it increase or add peds in the areas they dont appear or its just for the cities? I've not actually tried the mod. Plz answer
shubham.india commented over a year ago:
@Dandere :/whatt? worse! no this mod doesn't makes your game worse bro it makes the game perfect and it doesn't spawn same peds (more than 3) at the same time in the same place and i think peds are almost same ever in all games so enjoy the game bro its not a real world okay :sly:
Dandere commented over a year ago:
almost all the ped are the same, so this mod makes game only worse. if there were more different peds, that'd be a good mod.
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