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Park Your Car
no need to learn scripting
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Author: ya_4
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Complete
Started on: 01 Mar 2011
Last Updated: 04 Mar 2011
Views: 54906
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.60001 (20 votes)
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park your car V2.0 :

you want to park your car ?
you don't want to learn scripting ?
you want to make it in easy way ?

this mod will let you park any car you want in any place you want
and it will never disappear .

just you have to do this few steps .

1- go inside the car that you want to park .
2- stop in the position you want to park on .
3- press (tab+p) together . < you have to be inside the car until press these keys
4- move from your position.
5- save your game .
6- DoNe .

// how its work ? //

*Some people see this mod then they think its like stop the car { like ( save_car_anywhere ) or ( Pimp My Car [Final] ) }
its deferent this mod will respawn the car If you take the car .

*you can save the car but you cant save (nitro in the car or the ather stuff) .


copy: park_your_car.cs > into cleo folder

copy: park_your_car.fxt > into CLEO_TEXT folder


in the end
thank to {zaz , The_Siggi , Deji , Seemann , gta forums} < its big list :)

i ask a lot of question
but they always give me the answer

thanks :)
MarcolinoGTA commented 3 weeks ago:
It's a great mod :-O Any chances of a support to ''park your weapon'' too? And please, put support to added cars (cars added without replace)
iqnoli commented 7 months ago:
how can i wemove my saved car? i tried bomb them but they respawned.and its too much car in grow street wwhich is mine.
tailsneverfails commented over a year ago:
I copied the files to where they go like in the description, but it won't work... :dontgetit:
commented over 2 years ago:
But i want to make it realistic, i want it to dissapear when i take it. :p Any way to remove the car? If not, can you update it? email me: [email protected] :D
commented over 2 years ago:
When i park a car, i never got problems. I placed a BMX ALL OVER THE PLACE and none of them didn't dissapear... But i have copied the GTA SA file, because or else mods won't work :angry: Maybe try to re install (back up mods) the game, or install the game to another directory, and install the mods (back-upped, whatever) on the new SA. That's what i did. I got 3 Copies. Original (In "Program Files";), Cleo modded and Left 4 Theft. : :happy:
commented over 2 years ago:
IT didnt save my AT-400 :furious:
VillsRacer commented over 3 years ago:
Plz help :/ if i park more than 4 cars in group, it only shows some random of my parked cars I found this when i was parking all game cars in same parking lot in Las Venturas :dozing: plz update!! :die: no :cookie:
VillsRacer commented over 3 years ago:
Perfect, actually :O i installed Spaceenistein's AIO mod but it doesn't included parking mod in main.srm :/:blink: So this mod helped me a lot!! Keep Going dude :r*: :rah: :cookie:
max99 commented over 3 years ago:
i have a weird error that if i have to activate a cleo mod using my keyboard like 'type car to spawn a car' it wont work! ! :(
max99 commented over 3 years ago:
so if you dont save game it will disapear? :furious:
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