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Author: gboss
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 05 Jan 2011
Last Updated: 06 Jan 2011
Views: 4041
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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I make this patch of missions with zombies because i"m very disapointed about zomby dyoms i ve downloaded from this site.Zombycalypsa its a very good mission pack where you will shot and smash with the car zombies , but its not easy because the zombies are super strong but you will kill them easyly.Before using this mission folder read the file Readme!i will do another 15 mission when i will have free time , and when i will do misions i will upload them into the database!Sorry for any english mistakes!

This DYOM misions are not for GIRLS, this are for MEN and the missions are quite long.

Story of Zombycalypse: The action starts when the player watches TV , then the zomby are spreding in LS so you take your girlfriend and try to get out of this city.((If you want find out the continuing action play those dyoms))

Im sorry for my poor english and tell me if ypu liked what i did!
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gboss commented over 7 years ago:
i put some screenshot with mision 6 and wait some time that the photos and dyoms(6&7) to be downloadable. Sorry about my english
gboss commented over 7 years ago:
Now i uploade 2 missions to the database.This mission are much harder but dyom 7 its beta because im not finished that dyom. In these next dyoms you l see how much i evolved in making dyoms.i think i maded to hard this dyoms but that is life!And i thank those ho download the first archive
gboss commented over 7 years ago:
about the readme txt: i forgotten to mention copy DYOM5 in San andreas user files and i think i ve exagerated about the language in dyom 1 and 2(i sayd the language its very vulgary but that isnt so vulgary) Sory about my english
gboss commented over 7 years ago:
About this firt 5 missions: im a beginner with dyom so im sorry about some little mistakes
gboss commented over 7 years ago:
i will do another 15 missions with more zombies , more allies , better chekpoints but i will do these when i will have some free time!But i advise you that you play this first 5 missions.This DYOMS are for men! If you think about these dyoms "how easy they are" wait for the next 15 missions!These next 15 missions will be more captivante and with more zomby car smashing and killing.
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Zombycalypsa chapters Chapter 1:THE BEGINING OF ZOMBY DOMINATION -The begining of zombycalypse 100%completed -The police headquarters 100%completed -The highway of zombies 100%completed -The resistance 100% completed -Desert resistance 100%completed -Zomby smashing with a monster truck 100% completed -Area 61 cleaning 35% -LAST refuge place of zombies 0%

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