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Doherty Garage
Information Files
Author: devideojuegos
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Complete
Started on: 02 Nov 2010
Last Updated: 02 Nov 2010
Views: 30987
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.28572 (14 votes)
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Doherty Garage with new textures and two open doors
commented over a year ago:
Do Not Install It... !! Not Even By Mistake... !! It Will Ruin Your Game... !! You Will Have To Uninstall Your Game And Then Again Install... !! I Am Telling You I Does Not Works And Also You Have To Install Again All Your Cleo And Other Mods... !! Instead Of Doing It Do Not Install... !! I Tried It 2-3 Again And Again Re installing And Again Installing This Mod But it Does Not Works... !! And Also After Restoring And Deleting And Adding All The Original Files The Game Crashes... !! It Just Look Good In Pictures Only... !!
r09867 commented over a year ago:
if you error with this mod and cannot fixing i can fix it :) 1 you must have img tool 2.0 after replacing rebuild it this to avoid CRASHING :die: 2 put doherty.IPL in datamaps 3 open gta.dat with notepad and add above IPL DATAMAPSLALAn.IPL and add with this word: IPL DATAMAPSdoherty.ipl :sigh: 4 happy and load GAME! :D
Ualda commented over a year ago:
XD lol
Ualda commented over a year ago:
what is that sfse_stream5.ipl for? i think that is the problem. Dont work on :(
B0mRamos commented over a year ago:
To those who wants a cool garage, This is the mod for you! :) Awesome mod dude! Here have some catloaf, I hate cookies XD :catloaf:
sanandreasarmageddan commented over 2 years ago:
:( i cant get it to work :( :rampage: :rah: :die:
rastanoob commented over 3 years ago:
I translated a bit of the instalacion.txt: 1- Put the following files in GTA3.img: oldgarage_sfse.txd hubint1_sfse.txd sfse_12.col sfse_stream5.ipl 2- Rebuild Archive 3- Put doherty.ipl in datamaps 4- Open gta.dat located in the data folder with notepad and add under IPL DATAMAPScountrycountryW.IPL The following: IPL DATAMAPSdoherty.IPL
phender commented over 3 years ago:
Sorry, now for english version. Excellent garage mod. One of the best mods i've downloaded. AND IT WORKED FIRST TIME !! :O :O Can you go one step further and enable cars to get repaired inside the garage ?? Well done !!
phender commented over 3 years ago:
Mod garage excelente. Uno de los mejores mods que he descargado. Y funcionó PRIMERA VEZ!! : O: O ¿Puede ir un paso más allá y permite a los automóviles para ser reparado en el garaje? ¡Bien hecho!
rawr1 commented over 3 years ago:
In English the read me says -Garage-Doherty 1 - Open the file gta3.img found in Program Files Rockstar Games GTA San Andreas Models with Img Tool program and replace the files: oldgarage_sfse.txd hubint1_sfse.txd sfse_12.col sfse_stream5.ipl Extract the original files before deleting them in case you have problems installing 2 - Within the Img Tool go to "command" and "rebuild archive" 3 - Copy and paste the file doherty.IPL Program Files Rockstar Games GTA San Andreas data maps 4 - With the notebook gta.dat edit the file located in your folder GTA San Andreas data and then line IPL DATA MAPS country countryW.IPL Add another: IPL DATA MAPS doherty.IPL Visit the website for the latest updates on the mod. - [email protected] :monocle:
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