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They Hunger In San Andreas
Episode I : City of Damned
Information Files
Author: werakan007 No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v.1.6
Status: Complete
Started on: 08 Oct 2010
Last Updated: 08 Oct 2010
Views: 3714
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (2 votes)
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They hunger in San Andreas
Difficulity : Easy
Genre : Zombie Survival
Finish game in: 10 Minute (Suppose time)
Created time : 50 Minutes (10 Minutes for planning, 30 Minutes for place all objects, 20 Minutes for test)

Hello! I am Modder from Thai. I like to create DYOM Mission.
This mission based on They Hunger Mod for Half Life.But, The
story in this missions are not correct to original story.
Play it and you will know all.

[email protected]

Credits to
- Ducthy3010 and PatrickW for DYOM
- PC Gamer for They Hunger Mod
- Rockstar Games for GTA San Andreas

- They Hunger (*Warning! Spoiler! *)
	PC Gamer's total conversion mod for Half Life. The story of the man who travel the
 town in the country and face with dead human who not dead. Most of the peasent in the town
 die and turned into zombies. The zombies eat all people as they can see. He must survive
 from the town. Increase new weapons like Mauser, HK-G36C, Glock-22, Wrench, Shovel
 all thourgh Minigun and more. You will face with different kinds of zombies and many many
 horde of zombies. Horror atmosphere. And extreme difficult and puzzle.
 Made in GoldSRC Engine(same as Half Life). Remake? Yes, it has remake, it is They Hunger: Lost Soul.
 It made with Source Engine! and realistic gameplay like no HUD, check ammo by release the ammo clip,
 check your life by use Biometer(Like watch)by press one key and no crosshair.

- DYOM (Design Your Own Mission)
	SCM Modification mod by Dutchy3010 and PatrickW. This mod you can create your own mission
 by using many kinds of tools. You can create action, horror, stunt show, cutscene and more.
 In present, DYOM is version 5.0 (7 October 2010)

Good News
I start episode 2 of They hunger in San Andreas and Experiment Mission. But game crash when
start T_T I being to fix and planning epic story.
Comments News
sime_snake123 commented over 6 years ago:
[b]TNX man i had great adventure and i can't wait until you finish your next part and make sure there is a long story cos this one was very short but more VERY ADVENTURE and FUN :p Works fine and please send me link when you finish your next part please men i can't wait
Aligator007 commented over 7 years ago:
Wow good rate 5 :r*:
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Mod Dead!
My computer dead by virus and all Mission Files lost! I will re create it soon.

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