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Health Regeneration .net
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Author: DisorderX No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA IV 
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 10 Jun 2010
Last Updated: 11 Jun 2010
Views: 11768
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.66667 (3 votes)
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Natural Healing - v0.5

a .Net Health Regeneration script for GTAIV

by DisordeR

This will heal you based on an number of various factors (see list below) that makes a combined 'morale system' based on the players wellbeing and stress levels.

NEW: The player now keels over into the injured position when on 25% health or lower, this is to offset the advantage of self healing. It will slow you down if you get in this

state, so keep yourself alive!

-How to install-
Copy the regen.cs file to your GTA4/scripts folder, as part of ScriptHookDotNet.

-Download locations-
All downloads at

HazardX's ScriptHookDotNet

-Tested with-
* GTAIV version

It might work with others but they are currently untested. I ask the community to help me test on other versions if they have them.

* Mods tested with:
 GrabScript v1.4 by Hazard
 FirstPerson V1.22 by C06alt
 Less Overtaking v0.9 FINAL by endosan

The healing factors are based on:

* if you are near death or healthy (done)
* how many wanted stars you have (done)
* if the player is protected by armour (done)

 (to be completed)
* if you have eaten food
* if it is sunny or raining (slight increase in sun, better mood)
* if the player got shot at
* if the player got a kill recently

OhGod for C# language help
LMS for the GTA calls/tips

 0.1 - initial test version
 0.2 - code tweaks and morale system started (still W.I.P)
 - Changed the way health regen is calculated, it now has a base value 1 and adds 1 point for each 50% of health the player has (so you get +3 at max health)
 - 1 point added as modifier if player has more than 300 armour ("well protected")
 - Interval Timer changed to 8000(8 secs), but this drops by 50% to 4sec if the player is at max health.
 0.3 - added wantedlevel penalty: Penalty of 1 second x stars (6s max penalty) for being wanted.
 - fixed 2 small bugs that didn't reset the wantedpenalty and armourbonus as intended.
 - restructured readme to be clearer and fix typos, included some new info.
 0.4 - fixed code structure to make sure that all stats are updated constantly like they were supposed to
 - added injured code.
 0.5 - changed wantedpenalty to a health modifier, instead of interval adjustment
 - optimised code
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MegaGTA4Master commented over 7 years ago:
this works on EFLC
DisorderX commented over 7 years ago:
I think San Andreas has been hacked enough that it should have a healing mod? I'm not sure though. If it has its own script language/ scripting engine like GTA4 then it might be possible. A new version will be ready soon ;)
DarkHedge commented over 7 years ago:
I really wish something like this existed for SA - I mean, not just a health regenerator, but really exactly this same mod for GTA SA... Alas, I doubt it's possible.
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0.3.2 released
Minor bug fix release including an updated Readme.

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