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MapEditor for GTA III, VC and San Andreas
Information Files
Author: tonywob
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 0.30 Beta
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 30 Nov 2005
Last Updated: 25 Apr 2006
Views: 636291
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.50356 (141 votes)
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MapEditor (MEd) for GTA III, San Andreas and Vice City

Version 0.30 Beta


This application enables you to easily move and add standard IPL objects to the GTA map using drag, copy and paste.

Remember to uncheck the Read-Only attribute for your GTA files before editing.


Always update to the latest drivers before using this tool, as the default Windows XP drivers will cause you problems.

Excellent tutorial available at
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harjot23gill commented 4 months ago:
it's good mod
The.Cop.Guy commented 8 months ago:
this version is not working as it should work i mean i am gettin' lots of error, even i cant save the objects in the ipl files :angry: :furious: :devil: :devil: :sui:
commented 11 months ago:
why can't i access the forum link you uploaded... ?? plz help :die: :devil:
darthvader20011 commented over a year ago:
Errors when loading. Worst mod :). If it dont work dont post it or make a update! 2/5 cuz I know more people use this. :alien:
darthvader20011 commented over a year ago:
Errors when loading. Worst mod :). If it dont work dont post it or make a update! 2/5 cuz I know more people use this.
DrunkS_CJsKilla commented over a year ago:
biggest problem ever... i cant even use v0.32 it wont load the files and just crashes, so i use v0.21 and i cant even share my mods! how do i share mods i made? i tried sending the edited files but that doesn't work...
SOMI982 commented over a year ago:
hi i have a problem with it when ever i change the gta vc map and then save it the changes dont occur in game.when i first downloaded it it worked fine but then it got like this is their any solution
Beta Cj mod commented over a year ago:
great :D
Mohd Azylee commented over a year ago:
Hey Guys IM Azylee... New Guy At GTA GARAGE... This Tool good. but in my computer is not showing the image/video... plz tell me how to fix it... here cookie for you :cookie: :cookie:
badmanere commented over a year ago:
hi how do you get this to work as i edit the map load the game up and it the same
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Version 0,.32 released
25th April 2006 - Version v0.32
* Fixed Deleting IPL File bug
* Added Support for rotating and moving multiple objects using IPL Selection control window
* Reduced step size on IPL Selection Window
* Fixed Maximize/Minimize bug in registry
* Fixed Hiding Of The Toolbar with toolbar context menu
* Fixed Hiding of the Sidebar with the viewing menu
* Changed Behaviour of Select All/Deselect All on visible files list to check which items are manually selected
* Prevented User from pasting/copying and adding items to IPL files not marked as visible, prevents confusing behaviour
* Reduced Sensitivity of Up/Down camera control
* Added topdown view button, allows you to easily find an object, select top down, right-click on area of map and select Centre on object

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