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2010 Harley-Davidson VRSCDX
H-D Night Rod Special for GTA IV
Information Files
Author: StingR
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 20 Feb 2010
Last Updated: 04 May 2010
Views: 41751
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (2 votes)
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This is my second vehicle mod I release, this time it's only for IV, maybe if I have some time I will convert it to VC...

The fact is I've done this bike long ago, but I was too busy to release it (school 'n stuff)

I hope you'll like it!
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StingR commented over 8 years ago:
keijo fin:I said in the readme that you need to add this bike to at least one group in cargrps.dat, I recommend adding it to a gang like The Lost or Angels of Death.Possibly, you can spawn it with .Net Scripthook too, but I've never tried that. kudoboi:It won't crash because the game won't even let you play MP with modified files. LoWeYaA:Thanks! :)
LoWeYaA commented over 8 years ago:
owwww man that bike is soo cool
kudoboi commented over 8 years ago:
will it crash the game or somthing if you play online?
keijo fin commented over 8 years ago:
i download that mod b were i find that bike? :blush:
StingR commented over 8 years ago:
Thank you!I hope it will be popular once it's approved :)
monster875 commented over 8 years ago:
r you kidding that bike looks so cool dude but i don't download vehicles anymore but if i still did so i ad downloaded that bike
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Wrong .wtd file in the archive..
I accidentally overwritten the VRSCDX's .wtd with the V-Rod Muscle's one and I forgot that... That .wtd file was in the archive. Now I corrected this thing and now the archive is awaiting for approval. While it's awaiting for approval, you can download it from the link in the description. Sorry if I made you angry or frustrated or sth with this! I really didn't notice this until now! (For about 3-4 months LOL)

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