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Authentic Weapon Realism
Updated! to 6.0
Information Files
Author: justy82
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 6.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 07 Feb 2010
Last Updated: 10 Feb 2013
Views: 21703
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.14286 (7 votes)
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UPDATE Feb.7/2013

Whats changed: tweaked accuracies, power, firerate, ranges, ped reactions, ive payed closer attention detail each weapon available for GTAIV. some examples r the AK-47 has closer to its one or 2 round reasonably accurate shots at a time till barrel gets caught in a wobble and slight better firerate than previous versions. The M4 has its superior firerate for an assault rifle and forgiving recoil and lighter rounds making accuracy much better than the AK and previous versions of this mod.

this mod is intended to be used with a controller of sorts as for some reason on my end using mouse the accuracy is different, wayy too good for realistic, but a controller ull have realistic accuracies.

There r 2 different setups: HC (HardCore) version 6 adds realistic weapon loadouts regarding ammunition, if ur after that extra feeling in keeping ammo, this one i recommend to u

and authentic weapon realism is the high amount of ammo

=HINT= i forgot to mention this for the ppl that have no real weapon experience, theres also the option of "walking" ur target by spraying 2+ rounds in a slow moving "line" across or up ur target, this is a shooting tactic in real life, and it works with this mod :)

=INSTALL=* just extract to ur rockstar games/Grand Theft Auto IV/common/data and overwrite

Here we have a mod that tries to make the weapons closest to the real thing as gta's coding will allow, the only thing i didnt make realistic was the ammo loadouts, i increased them, i like to "play" so i like lots of ammo, prices for weapons r relatively close to their real life prices tho, ranges r increased with about 99%
realism in mind as well.

 =UPDATE= Dec.20/10: version 4 has many new updates, some of the main ones r all weapons have increased power, much more over original, dont know what i was thinking b4, the accuracy for all weapons have also been altered to match closest to real life values, one of the biggest updates is what a few ppl complained about that the sights, i dont know why but my installation of gta4 before wouldnt change the reticule even when i changed the number for it, but it works now, the sights r much smaller. i highly recommend using Killatomate's Realistic Driving & Flying mod as the mod increases vehicle hitpoints to compensate for the high powered weapons in my mod, among other things changed is the ranges for all weapons r greater than b4, now depending on weapon of choice what you see.. you have a chance to hit, no more blanks, i also added a slight delay for the bullets to reach target on longrange shots with the sniper rifles. This version i find much more realistic than previous, because of the simple fact if ur good with tactics, you can sweep n clear a room even when odds r strong against you of numbers, you have to move as if you were "elite", downside is when ur shot.. ur health will drop drastically fast, so.. dont get shot ;P, body armor is very beneficial, pretty much a top priority now.

side note i highly recommend starting a new game from scratch and experience the raw power of the weapons, (ex) even the simple glock when you first get it has amazing power in taking lives.. almost gives a true to life feeling having one, double tapping ur target in the killzones will put them down everytime, unless theyre brute or high on coke, crack, meth whatever.
one of my favorites is using the knife... its actually like a knife now for being deadly specially cuts to the head and chest areas

I found some more addons to make ur game more "real" that being time sync, syncs to ur real time of day/weather/date, very cool, and a first person mod that makes it a lot easier coz it feels more natural the way the view is specially on motorcycles

just unzip everything to ur gta4 main directory where the exe is 1st person view enabled by doubleclicking view button = First Person Mod = System Time Sync Mod = Scripthook: REQUIRED FOR MODS = ASI Loader: REQUIRED FOR MODS

=Some more great realism mods= ... = Real recorded weapon sounds ... = realistic driving n flying mod (link is in video info) ... = GRIMS very realistic weapon models = Maturemods blood mod (personal fav) .= killzone blood mod ..= Ultimate blood mod

this works best with 	Killatomate's absolutely awesome Realistic Driving & Flying 2.7 mod, jclewis's also absolutely awesome GTA IV REAL RECORDED GUNSOUNDS P mod, grim has some pretty accurate weapon models to add to it, as well as "mature mods" blood mod, they have a lot of versions of this and it makes the wounds and blood more believeable.. with this mixture it turns GTA into almost a full "sim" that is if you choose the "hardest" physics files for killatomates drive n fly mod and you dont use the mouse for my weapon mod :)

forum link:
UsernamesWhoNeedsEm commented over 5 years ago:
I wouldn't worry to much about it mate, people are just ignorant now a days.
justy82 commented over 5 years ago:
im betting i got a lower vote coz someone dont know how to fire a weapon in real life coz its not dead on accurate "this sucks" psh... f*cking ppl :furious:
justy82 commented over 7 years ago:
and thanks to you for being interested in this mod :)
Gamer555 commented over 7 years ago:
thanks alot!
justy82 commented over 7 years ago:
NM got it figured out, both files uploaded to megaupload until the files r available here
justy82 commented over 7 years ago:
its only letting me upload one file... free membership ... you want the hc version instead?
Gamer555 commented over 7 years ago:
thanks, but can you add to the HC version too please?
justy82 commented over 7 years ago:
@gamer- megaupload link added for max ammo version 4
Gamer555 commented over 7 years ago:
can you add another link? like or , they are alot better than those crappy sharing sites, i can't download them
Eckle commented over 7 years ago:
I believe " scale="0.3"/> " controls crosshair scale if you didnt know already.
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