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 Dec 24 2005

New Version

Posted by YeTi.
Sorry about the delay i've recently been given alot of coursework at school. Anyway now thats out of the way i am updating the program again and am currently making V0.2 i am expecting to release this later today i'll update this when i have released it.

I've got V0.2 released i've enabled GTA 3 Vehicle Spawning.

You can find V0.2 Here

 Nov 07 2005


Posted by YeTi.
Thanks to Vercetti Gangsta who has pointed out three bugs to me.

One I implemented a disable feature on new windows that would only re-enable when the window was closed using it's own close button instead of the X on the top of the window. For a future version i will either remove the X completely or code it to re-enable the content of the original window aswell.

Also he pointed out to me the web site links don't work they just crash the program i've tested this out and it seems to work for me. Can other people test it and either confirm or deny that problem.

Yet another bug. This one is in the email section i added. It doesn't seem to carry on line breaks into the proper email application when it launches it. For example:

 QUOTE (GTACC Email Application)


Appears as

 QUOTE (Proper Email Application)


Again i will try to get it fixed i'm actually considering completely redesigning the email application or scrapping it completely and just putting all my contact details there.

Simon Campbell has pointed out another problem with GTACC in the GTA SA Code Pick Section the Back To GTA Pick button doesnt do anything. I have noted and fixed this for the next version release.

Thanks YeTi
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