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Viewing News for Bull.04's Awesome Cleo Mod Pack

 Sep 18 2009

V3 Sneak Peek Uploaded!

Posted by bull.04.
Hey everyone! I uploaded a V3 Sneak Peek with what I have done so far! This is to say that the mod isn't dead. Thank you all! It is awaiting approval at the moment. Link to external download: Thanks again!

 Sep 11 2009

Nutha Update

Posted by bull.04.
Hey everyone! I have come up with bunches of ideas to do! Sneak peek. Only giving info on one script. Flip anyone off: One of the smaller scripts I am releasing. Press numpad 3 and you can flip someone off. They will come after you and try to attack you. If you kill them you get 500 bucks. If they kill you, you get a special message. Expect a blowout of new scripts to come!

 Sep 08 2009


Posted by bull.04.
Hey everyone. With the next release, I will be adding all new scripts. All you need to do in order to have all of them, just download V2 then the next release. The next pack will come with all new cleo scripts. Planning on releasing around the 23rd or 24th of September. Remember, I'm open for requests. Ending requests on the 15th. Thank you all! :D Signed, bull.04

 Aug 13 2009

Youtube Video Released!

Posted by bull.04.
I uploaded a video of the V2 Pack! It's been pending approval for 12 hours so I figured I would make a video of it. Heres the link: Also, I didn't want to wait 12 hours so I uploaded to RapidShare! Here's the link: Thank you all!

 Aug 12 2009


Posted by bull.04.
Hey everyone, uploaded V2! Awaiting Approval at the moment but soon to be released! Comes with 3 extra scripts and bug fixes for the Wank, Wall Climb, and Zombotech Outbreak mission! Took out the scripts: Revenge of the Hillbillies, and Leatherface. Sorry, everyone, but those were my buggiest scripts.
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