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 Jan 06 2009

hey, all!

Posted by RY3NO236.
Well I'm sorry it's been a while since I've posted but I just want to reassure everyone that this mod is NOT dead. I just had some crap I had to sort through and I got my computer fixed up with some new stuff and I have released beta 1.5 and am currently working on the next release! however, if you would like to do some scripting you can send me a message (as I know jack sh*t about scripting) via or you can post in the thread:

 Nov 08 2008

beta 1.5

Posted by RY3NO236.
I was digging around my cluttered file folders and after searching for quite a lengthy amount of time I came across the fixed version of my latest work on the sewers! you know what this means! ------BETA 1.5------- -engine room -few more tunnels -another bum hideout (flooded if u have sewage turned on) -see for yourself!

 Oct 16 2008

very good news

Posted by RY3NO236.
I am getting a new hard drive. As soon as I get it into my computer along with san andreas and MEd I can continue work on this mod. BUT I will have to start from what I had in beta 1 because I ran into one helluva bug that caused the game to crash whenever CJ wandered into pershing square or went through the tunnel that ran beneath it. I do have codes for a working enex and I plan to make separate item placement files for the sewers so they will not interfere with other map mods. Thank you all for being so patient. I have NOT abandoned this mod and I won't leave you hanging.

 Sep 14 2008

.::sept13 08::.

Posted by RY3NO236.
sorry I havent posted in a while. it will be a while b4 I get beta 2 out. Theres issues with the game and my computer relating to hard drive space so I have to get enough money for a new hard drive b4 I can have san andreas on my computer to make IPLs and theres also a huge bug I cant figure out. This isn't good news but DO NOT WORRY! I WILL get working on LS sewers beta 2.0 as soon as I get a new hard drive put in!

 Aug 19 2008

work 2 b done!

Posted by RY3NO236.
well Im using news because it wont let me update details but anyway Tabsheff is helping me out a great deal and we're trying to make an enex if anyone knows some useful information about making enexs please let me know

 Aug 18 2008


Posted by RY3NO236.
The file has been approved! check it out. there will be more, I AM working on beta 2.

 Aug 17 2008

AUG, 17, 08

Posted by RY3NO236.
until this mod is approved look in the full discussion for my friend, Tabzsheff's links (Thanks, Tabz!)
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