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 Aug 09 2007

V2.1 Released

Posted by Teckizt.
Finally the version 2.1 (until this version was unwaited and appeared just there) is released. This version let you install the mod without starting a new game. Now you can play
with your saved games; and no bugs or crashes were reported in my BETA testing.

Also the tower name will change. Its name now it's Revolution Tower.

 Aug 05 2007

V2.0 Release

Posted by Teckizt.
Finally the V2.0 was released and it is ready to download. Don't forget to backup, play, test and enjoy your game!

Remember, the V3.0 will be released as this:

V3.0Stunt: The tower will be the tallest as possible so you can get to the top to stunt.

V3.0Scary: For scary and nervous people, the tower will be tall, but no so much.

V3.0BIG: This is for dreamers and people who have the wall climbing mod (avaliable at Spaceeinstein's All-In-One Mod). The T-Tower will be so tall, that you won't be able to reach the top, neither with an helicopter, nor an hydra. The view from there must be a sh*t.

 Aug 04 2007


Posted by Teckizt.
The screenshots and the file are uploaded and ready to download. Don't forget to rate the mod, and report bugs!
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