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Viewing News for World Trade Center GTA 3

 Oct 02 2014

Final Version released

Posted by GTAguy234.
Final version is Released!

 Mar 06 2014

Final Version Now in Production!

Posted by GTAguy234.
BETA 4.0 and the last version of this mod is currently being made. It will be the final version since all is done. Read more at GTA Fourums Topic.

 Feb 24 2014

BETA 3.0 Out Now!

Posted by GTAguy234.
Beta 3 of WTC GTA3 out now! Includes lots of new features such as Top of the World and All the WTCs. Read more at GTA Fourums Topic.

 Feb 20 2014

BETA 3.0 coming soon!

Posted by GTAguy234.
The Beta 3.0 is soon finished and the download will appear soon.

 Feb 04 2014

[WIP] BETA 3.0

Posted by GTAguy234.
WTC mod Beta 3.0 is now in production. What will be in this beta: - Glass windows - Bottom floor of WTC 1 and 2 accesable - Bigger, more realistic Plaza - WTCs 4, 5 and 6 Updates will be posted in the topic.

 Jan 29 2014

BETA 2.0

Posted by GTAguy234.
After weeks of work I finally present to you World Trade Center GTA3 Beta 2.0! This mod gives you the famous Twin Towers to GTA3. This Beta includes: WTC 1 and 2 Marriot Hotel Plaza LODs and Collisions. Read more at GTA Fourums Topic.
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