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Viewing News for Griff's BMW

 Aug 12 2007

The final edition

Posted by K1092000.
Ok this is the hopefully the last update I'll need to do. I fixed textures did a little modeling and handling update for the car. I am much happier with this new model.

 May 10 2007

New TXD file

Posted by K1092000.
I've been working on re-texturing the car so the TXD file is smaller. Should have it done by this weekend.

 May 01 2007

New .dff File

Posted by K1092000.
I realized that the car was floating above the ground. I fixed it and made a slight handling adjustment. The cars wheels do sink into the ground a little but it's better than having the car float. It will now replace the comet to take advantage of jumping in.

So just wait a little while and the new file will be up.
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