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 May 01 2007

1.1 Released!

Posted by StingR.
New features & infos:

Docks and a Stunt Area added to the south of the island.

Patriot, FBI Washington, Mr Whoopee, Lovefist Limo, Pizzaboy added to the traffic, the Patriot and Lovefist Limo has some new


Fixed long distance models

Known Bugs:

Electric Pylons may be dark, and when you hit them they will not tumble, they just disappear.

And the older versions bugs.

In this version, YOU HAVE TO START A NEW GAME too, to avoid some bugs.

 Apr 28 2007

Mod released!

Posted by StingR.
The mod now released!!(It is public beta version, some bugs possible) It's ready for download now.

 Apr 25 2007

The island is under making

Posted by StingR.
The new island soon completed, it will has some little bugs, and the big bugs i said in the last news, those will not appear if you start a new game...

I'm uploaded a new picture.(That's now awaiting for approval)

 Apr 22 2007

New Infos & Images

Posted by StingR.
I'm uploaded new images about the mod, the mapping is 60% completed.

This mod will adds new colors for Deluxo, Voodoo and Stretch, you'll can get Deluxo and Stretch from the traffic, and not only haitians will drive Voodoo.

And you will not attacked on the street by a gang, gangs will run away from you if you hit or shoot them, they will not disturb you!

I wanted to release the beta version soon, but the mod currently has 4 bugs:

The blown up construction site is over the street near of the Well Stacked Pizza Co. in Vice Point.

The crane in the dock not turns, but near the docks, a part of the street with a building is turning.

The blown up haitian drug factory is in a building, and in some streets near of this, you fell into the deep.

In the new "island" the game usually collapses.
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