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 Apr 06 2014


Posted by Platinum Card.
Chapter 2 Complete Edition coming soon. I've uploaded all of the missions from chapter 2 with links to the skin packs. Stay tuned.

 Mar 24 2014

Download In The Past Pt. 2

Posted by Platinum Card.
In part two Brie' and fellow recruits go into the final phase of training. What happens next will change their lives forever. The concluding mission to chapter 2 will be completed soon. NOTE: Asia has a line that's directed towards (? )but Staff SGT Linux is the focus (different transition approach) Skins here:!ZhxTzQbZ!SpGFrwpbSQdS4hqQZrrPb2VFRZQpYINoJPtD_FZDid8 Alternate: FOLLOW THE TOPIC HERE:

 Nov 03 2013

New Images!

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I've recently uploaded images from the latest missions and one of which is still a work in progress. I've taken the time to rig the peds for characters LnD (L. Ian. D. or ala Lecaz) Corporal Falefar (Liam Falefar), Staff SGT Linux (Linus Linux), and Brie'. All textures used are of my own resources excluding the BDU txd's. Full credit will be given to the designer. I will be uploading the full chapter 2 pack with skins at the completion of the mission "In The Past". I would like to hear your feedback in the main topic @ gtaforums. If you need any help or advice feel free to send a pm. I'll return with more soon!

 Oct 26 2013

Chapter 2 Is Almost complete!

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I'm currently writing the last mission for the 2nd chapter of Brie'. I will upload the completed pack along with new character.txds to the download section. Stay tuned!
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