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 Oct 13 2013

Lots of glitches

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I really worked on this mod, and I did the best to release it as soon as I could. I can't release a mod with nonstop appearing glitches. My SA crashes every 10 minutes, but I can still play with this mod. I'm REALLY SORRY that I can't release the mod. I'm still working on it, and since September I fixed only 8 glitches. There are still 6 glitches on the way, and a few unknown bugs that I'm looking for the reason of their appearence. I'll do all I can to repair it and release it as fast as I can. I wanna remove this mod and open a new one when it will ready. Untill this one will be removed, I'll keep uploading cool screens that I'll B able to catch on the time between the crashes.
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