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 Aug 24 2013

New Huds & a weapon Pack

Posted by Ss4gogeta0.
I Tossed together a Weapon pack of the Default GTA weapons (along with 2 made by a friend of mine from PR-RP) it includes a few new huds and should bring enjoyment for days to come... It includes different weapon replacements for each model (cuntgun, colt45, shotgspa, etc) and a pack of melee weapons...

 Dec 18 2012


Posted by Ss4gogeta0.
I wanted to say that I pretty much finished what I wanted to do for the moment... Expect the files to be fully uploaded by tomorrow... or whenever the admins feel like approving them... anyway this should allow you freedom when adding weapons to a mod like GTA United, GTA SOL, GTA LC or SA:LC if you want a GTA 3 feel...
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