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 Jun 13 2013

IV Cruiser

Posted by ToyGT_one.
I uploaded the cruiser(stock or civil version of police cruiser and taxi) and i will upload the police and taxi version's soon

 Feb 20 2013

IV Ambulance

Posted by ToyGT_one.
The ambulance has Released and Uploaded now!

 Dec 22 2012

IV turismo

Posted by ToyGT_one.
The turismo has been uploaded now. The turismo got a 3 spoliers as tuning parts.

 Nov 23 2012

make a video

Posted by ToyGT_one.
anyone want to make a video about this PM me. thanks for more then 3500 download!

 Nov 19 2012

IV TLAD Slamvan

Posted by ToyGT_one.
the Slamvan has been released. more then 2000 downloads!, thank you so much.

 Nov 14 2012

washington V2 and enforcer v3

Posted by ToyGT_one.
new enforcer v3: 1-edit the texture to look like vc one not sa one. 2-correct the emlights. 3-put blue and white as 2nd colour to look like police stockade. New washington V2: (1)-no specs on the wheels. (2)-no antennas on the car.

 Nov 12 2012

Sultan RS and sentinel v2

Posted by ToyGT_one.
released of the sultan rs, you need version 0.98 and released of sentinel v2 with fixed textures

 Nov 07 2012

gta iv vehicles {MVL}

Posted by ToyGT_one.
the Feltzer has been released

 Nov 01 2012

gta iv vehicles {MVL}

Posted by ToyGT_one.
the sentinel has been released with xs parts as tuning parts. alt+7 to select the part, alt+8 to change the part.
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