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 Jan 04 2014

Fixing your BETA3 issues

Posted by OmeXr.
1. Ensure you have a fresh installation of GTA3 (It doesn't matter if it's Steam or retail) 2. Make sure you have the GTA III version of CLEO setup in your GTA3 folder (I know this is basic stuff... ) 3. Copy all of the mod files into your GTA3 directory 4. Replace the standard GTA3.exe with mine(as supplied in the readme) 5. In the "radio" folder, ensure you have the two files "CHAT" and "City" in there in MP3 FORMAT. It won't work if they're WAV or anything else. These two MP3 files were included with BETA 2.5, but not BETA 3, so it's probably most convenient to copy them across from BETA 2.5... Also, If you are using the two-disk retail version of GTA3, before adding this mod, install the 1.1 patch from Rockstar and copy the "audio" folder from disk 2 into your GTA3 directory. IF you get the game to start after following these steps carefully, you may experience a crash on the initial loading screen. This can be overcome by re-loading the game until it finally works.
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