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 Feb 27 2013

All in 69!

Posted by PangTongNinja.
Should be uploaded soon... It has: GTA III/Vice City AK-47 convert by my friend! HD HUD For Ak-47(Big or small). Hold weapons like GTA Vice City(with and without double hand). GTA III HUD for AK47. ALL DLC!.

 Jan 19 2013

Remote Grenades DLC!

Posted by PangTongNinja.
since GTA: VC had remore grenades(normal Grenades that explode with a push of a button) I replaced the satchel with grenades(cums with HUD) This mod is an Optional mod and wont be included in the main weapon folder

 Jan 18 2013

Icon fix uploaded!

Posted by PangTongNinja.
The icons for the Knife, Mac-10 and Sniper rifle now shows ingame! (They were invisible)

 Jan 15 2013

Makin' Icons for SA weapons

Posted by PangTongNinja.
Yep! Thanks to Zera and his HD SA and VC icons mod! I have made: Heat Seek Fire Extinguisher Cane Jetpack Phone Silenced Colt Parachute Flowers/Stalks NV/IR Goggles Satchel Pool Cue Spray Can! These will be in the next release! I'm planning on doing the sawn-off/D-eagle incase people don't like the Python/Stubby.
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