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Viewing News for IV Shadows For SA

 Oct 14 2012


Posted by themars2011.
they are Approved, Finally! Version 0.4 is coming Soon!

 Jul 10 2012

Mediafire Uploads

Posted by themars2011.
Well, 0.2 and 0.3 dont get approved, dont know why, i uploaded them on mediafire. Also im on Version 0.4!

 Apr 18 2012

0.2 and 0.3 are uploaded

Posted by themars2011.
They just must get approved!

 Apr 07 2012

V 0.3 is a Special Edition!

Posted by themars2011.
V 0.3 Uses another ENB Version.Try it and say if you get more fps. When not i use the old ENB

 Mar 31 2012

A little Update...

Posted by themars2011.
Alpha 0.2 is out! More FPS! Same Shadows! How do i did it? just disabled some other useless things. Im on 0.3 and im try to remove this Dark effect.

 Jan 05 2012

Want a version for Low-End PCs?

Posted by themars2011.
Do you want a version for Low-End PCs? Im working on it.

 Oct 05 2011


Posted by themars2011.
Finaly... you can download it and use it.. Please report bugs

 Sep 30 2011

Pics are Uploaded

Posted by themars2011.
Ive uploaded some pics
brick bit ?E?E bit bit
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