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 Aug 08 2007

Version 6.7

Posted by Natra.
I removed the shooting target on the aircraft hangar doors.

 May 23 2006

Updated the Detailed Runway

Posted by Natra.
- I seemed to have uploaded the wrong runway, it is fixed now.

 May 19 2006

Version 6.6 released

Posted by Natra.
- Decorated the area where the cutscene NOE takes place.
- Removed the cracks from the floor.

 May 16 2006

Version 6.5 released

Posted by Natra.
- New textures for the runway.
- Added pictures.

 May 15 2006

Version 6.4 released

Posted by Natra.
I fixed minors things.
Made an entrance to the building.
Finished fencing the area.
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