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 Mar 02 2011

F4F Wildcat & G-21A Goose

Posted by mleer58.
About the F4F Wildcat: I finally completed the model and the textures on this one, I am only having trouble with de gear. The original gear pulls up and does not simply go to the sides. Is this a problem for you? Otherwise I'll just leave it the same as on the Rustler. About the G-21A Goose: Should I release a bta, so you can test it? My GTA:SA has crashed, so I cant test it myself D:

 Feb 10 2011

The modified layout

Posted by mleer58.
As you (maybe) have noticed, I changed the layout a bit. You can now see how far I am with wich plane, by looking at the percentages and the 'WIP' sign. WIP stands for 'Work In Progress', for the ones who did not know this :)

 Jan 27 2011


Posted by mleer58.
A new screenshot with all of the features the F6F Hellcat has is online. Please drop a comment :D
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