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 Mar 06 2013

New download mirrors

Posted by MrSnaztastic.
Additional mirrors from which to download both the DIY and Preloaded editions of Zombocalypse have just been added. If one is under too much load and won't work, try the other and hopefully you'll be in luck. Now, I think 216 zombies is a pretty great number, but there were of course a fair few in Liberty City left un-zombified.. Well, we'll see how long that lasts...

 Aug 01 2012

Version 2.0 has been submitted!

Posted by MrSnaztastic.
Having revised my original goal, which was to zombify -everyone- I have since powered forwards and met my target of 200 zombies. This number gives ample variety. I've also found a way to have the game spawn zombified peds, doesn't work perfect but it's a nice extra. Keep an eye out for download links! After this next version, I will put out a "Main Cast Pack" featuring select characters such as Niko, Brucie, Luis, etc. as a farewell :)

 Dec 24 2011

December update [v1.7]

Posted by MrSnaztastic.
Merry Christmas! Have some moar zombies...

 Jul 02 2011

Bigger, Better, Bloodier

Posted by MrSnaztastic.
The latest release of Zombocalype, version 1.5, comes with over 120 zombified characters, featuring more detail and dismemberment than ever before! From bloodied bus drivers to decomposing doctors and cops that are walking corpses, there's a much greater variety of undead now roaming Liberty City. I hope you enjoy their company.

 May 01 2011

100 Characters Milestone

Posted by MrSnaztastic.
A big milestone is right around the corner. In a day or so I'll have completed my 100th zombified model. That's a biggie since it means the mod is around a third done. It also means that my Liberty City is practically infested. With there being three or more texture variants for each zombified model, odds are that every other civilian I bump into now is a zombie. Things are looking good for the next release, which might actually be before June if I keep going at this rate.
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