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 Nov 19 2010

Yep, still there

Posted by c3r3a1K1L13r.
Many People may be thinking that i am dead, but i'm not, i am currently planning the San Fierro Part Of the series, and accepting any Ideas, i will posting new missions soon

 Oct 02 2010

First Act

Posted by c3r3a1K1L13r.
Ok, time for some news, the first act is out, but i think it is too short, so i will be remaking some of the missions, anyway, enjoy

 Sep 19 2010

Fourth mission

Posted by c3r3a1K1L13r.
Yeah, it is out, sorry if it has take too many time, i was busy with other things, anyway ENJOY !

 Sep 06 2010

Third mission done

Posted by c3r3a1K1L13r.
Third mission is OUT ! i put lots of work in this (about one day of design and about 1 day of bug testing and fixes) so enjoy

 Sep 04 2010

First and second mission

Posted by c3r3a1K1L13r.
ok i compressed the first and the second mission, deleted the file that was uploaded, and i uploaded the file with the two missions, so it gonna take a while to be approved.

 Aug 25 2010

WHY ?!

Posted by c3r3a1K1L13r.
why does it takes so long to be aproved ?!
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