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 Feb 10 2013

VC SGE now supports Android!

Posted by voodoo48.
From v4.0, VC SGE supports the Android version of VC too! (And probably the iOS version as well, I didn't have the possibility to test it.)

 Oct 02 2012

VC SGE v3.0 is out!

Posted by voodoo48.
After two years of silence, a new version of Savegame Editor is out (inspired by the need I got while playing VC to 100% this summer). Changes: - Added new tab 'Stats' and 'Todo list for 100%'. - Stats contains all the Vice stats, and some more. Most of them are editable. Detailed stats about radios and killed gang members. - On the Todo list, you can easily check (CHECK, and not modify!) the necessary thing you must do to reach 100%. - Map to show uncollected Hidden Packages, Rampages and uncompleted Unique Jumps. - Option to change armor added. - Option to change clothes added. - Small fixes, changes, or anything I've made since v2.0, and forgot about.
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