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 Jan 07 2006

replaced Purple Nine

Posted by creative madman.
i have replaced the purple nine as a downloader pointed out the model i had was the wrong one, so i have fixed this error and uploaded the new one

 Dec 23 2005


Posted by creative madman.
i only just realised that i didetn upload the Yardies, why dident you people tell me

 Dec 20 2005

V1 almost finished

Posted by creative madman.
ive just got to do the Street wannabes from vice and i will have successfully converted every (story) gang member from the previous GTA's. later i plan to work on a custom peds.ide, model improvement and when programmes become availible, instructions for converting voice files

 Dec 20 2005


Posted by creative madman.
the Peds.ide file i added had problems so ive taken it off for the moment, sorry for any problems it may or maynot have caused

 Dec 19 2005


Posted by creative madman.
i added a custom Peds.ide for download, this basically means that you just put the model name in the PEDGRP.dat file and the gang members will load, if you dont know what im talking about download the instructions aswell.

it is a really quickly made file so dont complain, its just for people who cant be botherd or dont understand how to edit the Peds.ide.

oh and until a audio editor is realeased your going 2 have 2 stick with SA voices

 Dec 17 2005


Posted by creative madman.
ive released the models i have already done, they should be availiable for download when aproved. there are definatly going 2 be glitchs with some of these models becuase rather then fixing them i went on to the next ones, if you notice any problems contact me and ill fix them for Version 2
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