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Silent Viper
Posted on 18 Sep 2005, 12:50pm

Joined: 28 Aug 2003
Group: Modders

An AKS74u with a fixed instead of a sidefolding stock, comes with transparent magazine and aimpoint, additionally for some more stealthy killz you can use the included Ka-Bar knife ;)

Posted on 18 Sep 2005, 10:10pm

Joined: 06 Jan 2005
Group: Modders

The AK47 replacement in this pack is one of the best custom weapons available on the net, well worth the download.

Posted on 04 Dec 2005, 1:40am

Joined: 04 Dec 2005
Group: Members

DUDE, I do not understand WHY you like to ruin your uploads with some stupid thing like a transparent magazine. The weapon is really good, no, it's fantastic, but the damn ammo clip ruins it. Remove it and you'll see that more people will download it.

Posted on 07 May 2008, 10:43pm

Joined: 18 Dec 2006
Group: Members

i agree about the clip :p but it would be even better if the sights worked
just a suggestion

The Arbiter
Posted on 27 Nov 2008, 12:14am

Joined: 15 Oct 2006
Group: Members

Totally. Go to a regular clip, and this is easily my favorite.

Posted on 15 Oct 2009, 12:13pm

Joined: 05 Oct 2009
Group: Members

Very cool :inlove: I hope this works ill go test now <img src=h34r:" />

Posted on 16 Oct 2009, 9:33am

Joined: 05 Oct 2009
Group: Members

Works very good. :D

Posted on 22 Feb 2010, 4:28am

Joined: 09 Feb 2010
Group: Modders

i like the transparent magazine :p yes its cool finally someone do a diferent weapon, the normal is bored :zZz: :zZz: :zZz: :zZz: :zZz: keep doing this kind of weapons men :rah: :inlove:

Posted on 20 Mar 2013, 5:07pm

Joined: 08 Jan 2013
Group: Modders

awsome bro this will work perfect for my stealth mods here take a few :cookie: :cookie: :D :D

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