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Posted on 22 Aug 2005, 11:52am

Joined: 18 Nov 2004
Group: Modders

The crossbow replace the ak47. It reloads after every shot and has no muzzle(gun flash).
Sometimes you can see an arrow.
It has just been updated to version 1.1
If you have questions go to:

Posted on 14 Sep 2007, 2:48pm

Joined: 01 Jan 2007
Group: Modders

lol it look fine
but i think u need to do the txd file more realistic
make the skin look better
and that all :pp :pp
keep up the good job :)

go rockstar!!!!!:r*:

Posted on 06 Jun 2009, 2:44pm

Joined: 15 May 2009
Group: Members

thats a really nice mod, but i have a suggestion for improvement: Could you change the mini picture in the upper right corner to a crossbow? There is still a ak47. But its still a nice work. Torsten P.S.: sorry for my bad english :blush:

Posted on 22 Feb 2010, 5:28am

Joined: 09 Feb 2010
Group: Modders

men your mod crashes my game! :nervous: :nervous: :nervous: :furious: :furious: :furious: :cry: i install all the components and when i pickup the ak47 this disapear, i can, t take it and when i do the 1st pack weapon LXGIWYL my game crashes and now take 2 minutes to iniciate the game :furious: :furious: :furious: :furious: :furious: :furious: :furious: :furious: you kill my gta you fu*ker :die: :cry:

Posted on 14 Oct 2011, 6:47pm

Joined: 17 Jul 2011
Group: Modders

this is how i feel about this mod: :rah: :rah: :rah: :bbq:

Posted on 14 Oct 2011, 6:48pm

Joined: 17 Jul 2011
Group: Modders

:bbq: :breadfish: :die: :cookie: :monocle: :barf:

Posted on 31 Jul 2014, 10:00am

Joined: 27 May 2014
Group: Members

can i change ak47.dff and txd to silenced.dff and txd?

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