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Posted on 18 Jan 2009, 11:23pm

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With this mod, you'll be able to move CJ around in cutscenes. That is, ingame cutscenes, not 'real' cutscenes. Glitches: -In the mission "Ryder", you can shoot the pizza parlor with a shotgun in the cutscene. Then the game MAY crash. -In the mission "Reuniting the Families", when you have to follow Sweet to wait for the car, the cutscene may start but not finish. I had this before this mod too, though. With the mod, after running and shooting around for 10 minutes, it actually worked. -In the mission "Intensive Care", in the cutscene at the end, my game ALWAYS crashes. First, nothing happens, when you move the car a bit forward a guy will walk to the car and then the game crashes. The only solution was to switch to the original Main.scm and change it back after the mission. -In "Tanker Commander" you can kill Mr. Whittaker and the cutscene won't end. These kind of things are fun for a video or something, but the only way to end the cutscene is to kill Catalina too. It sucks that you usually can't skip the cutscenes. -In the last mission, when the house explodes, CJ dies too, but maybe only when you move him. It doesn't matter that much since you will start on the next part of the mission if you try again. -In races, you can start driving before the others, instead of freezing for 3 seconds. If you have already passed the start line before the race officially starts, the checkpoints won't appear. So you can only start 1 or 2 seconds earlier anyway. If there is more, tell me.

Posted on 04 Feb 2009, 1:21am

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You need to make it a cleo script so people will use it.

Posted on 22 Mar 2009, 2:49am

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Do I have to start a new Game? :(

Posted on 14 Feb 2010, 5:33pm

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Posted on 24 Feb 2010, 11:45am

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No Cleo's, no click's.

Posted on 05 May 2011, 11:21am

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 QUOTE (xXxbBb @ 02:49, 22 Mar 2009)
Do I have to start a new Game? :(
No, it does not need it.

Posted on 04 Jun 2011, 11:30pm

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 QUOTE (rotorblade @ 11:45, 24 Feb 2010)
He sayd: No Cleo's, no click's.
youre noob

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