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Posted on 13 Jul 2007, 12:16pm

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Boardwalk Auto Group



This modification replaces the Wang Autos Garage in Doherty with a Boardwalk Auto Group skin. Cool, huh?

Who are Boardwalk?

Boardwalk are an exotic car dealer franchise operating in the Dallas area of Texas, USA. They specialise in brands such as Audi, Ferrari, VW, Maserati and Porsche.

Why Boardwalk?

I realised that while many Wang Autos replacement mods concentrated on specific brands of cars, there were few actually offering a range of marques. I got a bit frustrated by this (choosing all of a specific brand to replace all the cars in that showroom is surprisingly difficult, you know) so I decided I'd have a crack at it myself. Anyway, I headed for Boardwalk because one of the members of my forums (Hey Rick!) often drives down to their dealer to snap the latest supercars on sale. I've been very impressed with the photos he's managed to get, and I just kinda remembered the dealer as selling some hot cars (which, let's face it, fits in with what we want to spawn there).

Complicated install?

Not at all. There's just one txd to change, and that's it. Not a lot can go wrong, to be perfectly honest.

Install instructions

You'll need either the IMG Tool from this website, or the San Andreas Mod Installer (Google it).

Then, read the install.txt file included in the zip.



I'm happy to allow you to use this on your website as long as you contact me before hand. There's no reason why I'd say no - I just like to know where my mods are being hosted.

A list of the websites where this mod is hosted is available on my website. If you see this modification on a website not included there, please contact me immediately.

Enjoy the mod!


Posted on 28 Jun 2012, 3:41pm

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I am a hardcore GTA fan and I must say this skin is awesome just awesome. There's nothing as great in the world as lying on the couth and playing GTA with your PS connected to a home theater. Are there other GTA fans like me here in houston, texas?

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