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Posted on 03 Dec 2012, 4:16am

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link2012 does it again. keep it up bro! i love your scripts :inlove:

Posted on 30 Dec 2012, 11:51am

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i cant understan this mod any body help mee plzz :sui:

Posted on 20 Jan 2013, 4:47pm

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If you can't understand it you shouldn't use it at all, this plugin is for developers, to create more garages...

Posted on 17 Mar 2013, 5:10pm

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thanks Bro it will help me for my map mods, gonna try :D

Posted on 25 Aug 2015, 6:43pm

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This mod is absolutely amazing. It has everything that should be: More than 4 cars can be saved, easy to make new garages (e.g. you can make parking lots, or use the Wang Cars showroom as a garage), overrides parked car generators so that your own cars don't disappear, saves in the User Files folder so that backup is easier, dosen't corrupt save game, uses custom saves, actually saves when game itself is saved, so reloading from a save isn't a problem (most mods out there save immediately, so when you reload everything is out of sync), also saves in different slots. Despite being out in the open unlike Rockstar save garages, it is unaffected by impounding, so triathlons won't destroy all of your cars. It's just like Rockstar save garages, but unlimited and custom! Pure awesomeness. :)

Posted on 20 Sep 2017, 3:10pm

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Is it the Fla comportable build?

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