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Posted on 19 May 2006, 5:42pm

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Makes SA much harder. Good when you have completed the game and wanna play it again and still want it to be a challange. Why wasnt such a option included in the original?


This mod includes:

<> Health and armour max is at 50% and no increase is possible. This has the biggest impact on game-difficulty.

<> Melee including fistfight does double damage (katana triple). Chainsaw is unmodified.

<> 9mm and all shotguns does 50% extra, silenced,desert eagle, microSMG,tec9 and rifle does 25% extra.

<> Armour is more expensive, rifle and smg cheaper.

<> Starting that wuzi mission now only requires a fifth of original lung cap (no more hours spending diving for nothing)

<> You start with no money but can still do the mission Ryder where you must buy food etc. Also, hospital wait-box is removed.

Take a new stroll in San Andreas. This time, watch your back. And don't expect to be able to do all the missions the way you did them before. For example, you might wanna pack some heat early on.

Posted on 28 Jan 2009, 2:36am

Joined: 21 Dec 2008
Group: Modders

are there any bugs when using other mods such as Gang_edit_mod or when using the downgrader patch for the 2cnd edition version

Posted on 09 Apr 2013, 1:31pm

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Can CJ use the increasing of damage of the guns? Or only enemies (Ballas, Vagos) can do this?

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