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New Girlfriends and Peds
all models and textures Rigged from GTA IV
Information Files
Author: ersel54
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.2
Status: Complete
Started on: 04 Aug 2009
Last Updated: 25 Jan 2010
Views: 151100
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.36508 (63 votes)
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this mod is made by me,
help from quechus13 and AIS
models & textures from ROCKSTAR GAMES and ERSEL54 (ME)
credits: quechus13, rockstar games and me :)
includes :
Dimitri (gtaIV)
LAD Biker
Niko bellic ped (new)
Luis LOPEZ v2. ped (black suit) new!

Download IMGTool to open Gta3.IMG located in your Rockstar Games/Gta San Andreas/models folder.
Then find the ped you want to replace in Gta3.IMG.
Extract the PED files which you have DOWNLOAD (.TXD and .DFF files) and place it somewhere.
re-name the PED file which you have DOWNLOAD (.TXD and .DFF files) with the ORGINAL PED NAME
and REPLACE it with the IMGTool.


Comments News commented over 9 years ago:
where are the download link of girls? :dozing:
misakidomain1123 commented over 9 years ago:
how i can fix that luis lopez hand its like abnormal to me his hand is too long and when i try to punch his hand is straight not like CJ's Hand Boo Fix your mod you psycho your not a modder learn's somemore [color=Blue] please go die :putnam:
mcneal15 commented over 11 years ago:
she IS mIcHELLe nIko'S first GIrl FrieND
hategamecrash commented over 11 years ago:
 QUOTE (lRedBaronl @ 08:09, 28 Dec 2010)
question here:what GF no. is that girl with a blue jacket? :r*:
we have same question :r*:
lRedBaronl commented over 11 years ago:
question here:what GF no. is that girl with a blue jacket? :r*:
XxXLyX commented over 11 years ago:
i noticd that when i replaced the girlfriends, the stripper and the whore would shrink in samp when using the original female animation, like their torso would look to big and their legs to small, also the stripper when i use /dance 4 her thighs seem to be attracted to each other and the whore's head looks like its falling off when she looks to the side, is there a fix for these?
mustang_glend commented over 11 years ago:
Hey dude, how do i install it?, because when i opened the files it said, lost_biker.dff or something like that and those file names arent in GTA San Andreas, it says more like WMHFYST.dff or something like that. So could you help me plz, i dont want to make a wrong step and make the game crash :sarcasm:
khriz commented over 11 years ago:
hey esta mods es para san andreas y si es si me pueden decir como intalarlo pliss hey this is for san andreas mods and if if I can say as azap installed pliss
dbz_master_SA_4life commented over 11 years ago:
yo i like this mod add more people to crips and bloodz to what like 6 and do some for bikers , italian mafia it is easy cos of gta 4 billions of mafias add some russian , do some for surenos to replace cesar gang and do nortenos gang to swap with vagoz like i said do 6 people. and triads , san fierro rifa change cops to liberty city style .
Dylan_Madigan commented over 11 years ago:
Don't mean to sound ungreatful, but did you have to put a readme in each folder?
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new ped Luis Lopez with black suit added... all news man

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