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SAMP Client Launcher
samp client switcher
Information Files
Author: jheb
Website: http://
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Complete
Started on: 02 Dec 2017
Last Updated: 09 Dec 2017
Views: 7209
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 2.5 (0 votes)
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SAMP Launcher (SAMPL) by jheb

 | SAMP 0.3.7-R2
 | SAMP 0.3.8-RC4
 | ASI Loader

 | SAMP Launcher (jheb)
 | SA-MP (
 | ServerList API (
 | ASI loader (zdanio95)
 | AHK

Title	 : SAMP Launcher (SAMPL)
Description : Automatically change your samp client version to server version.

Servers		:
	Add Server ; add samp server to launcher.
	- SAMPL will automatically detect server version.
	Change Server Version ; change selected samp server version.
	- If SAMPL doesn't detect server version, use this.
	Remove Server ; remove samp server from launcher list.

Option		:
	Although this program contain samp 0.3.7 and 0.3.8,
	You can add different version to client list.
	Client Setting ; add samp client to your launcher list.
	 1. Click Browse and select samp.dll/samp.exe
	 2. Fill the empty box with current samp version e.g. 0.3.9-RC1
	 3. Click Add Client.
	 4. (optional) Install another version of samp and repeat no 1-3.

Switch Client	:
	a) 1. Go to Option > Uncheck, restore on exit (if you use samp.exe), otherwise program will restore samp version back.
	 2. Go to Option > Client Setting, select samp client then click OK.
	 3. Exit Program then Open samp.exe (SA-MP) play normal with switched version.
	b) 1. Just select server and play within the launcher, client will automatically change the version to match server version.

Restore		:
	SAMP Launcher will automatically backup GTA Files to "Launcher Folder > Backup".
	To Restore modified files, Go to Option Click on Restore GTA;
	Or you can check restore files on exit to restore GTA / SAMP files when exit the launcher to use SA-MP.

Note		;
	- If you already have the client version on launcher list but SAMPL read it as different version,
	 go to "source\SAMP" then rename the version to match with the server.
	- Please backup your GTA Files Version before use (vorbis.dll; vorbisFile.dll; vorbisHooked.dll),
	 this program will replace these files to read samp.asi (samp.dll).

If you find any issues/bugs or suggestion, feel free to report on forum or message me.

How to use:
How to fix Exception At Address: 0x004DD5A3
source code:
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How to use: [youtube]K6VhlzsR6EQ[/youtube] How to fix Exception At Address: 0x004DD5A3 [youtube]t21OI6rnUF0[/youtube]

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