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Chiliad Chalet
Club style mtn lodge w. Heli-Taxi
Information Files
Author: Skullripper
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 20 Jan 2013
Last Updated: 20 Jan 2013
Views: 12454
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (3 votes)
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An IPL and 2 large cleo4 files put a large club style chalet on the top of Mount Chiliad. The chalet is on the cliffs facing San Fiero airport. 8 vehicles and 38 peds in all. If you don't run Cleo mods, the IPL has a number of objects that auto spawn peds (pool table, chilidog cart, benches) so it wont be completely deserted.

You can drink, smoke, eat, and lots more. 10 spots to "interact" Most cutscenes are randomized. There's a pit crew to repair your vehicles and a Heli-Taxi to come and pick you and your vehicle up. The Heli-taxi will also take you all over San An, and there's an option to deploy your own taxi beacon. Read the read-me file for more info. Plz email me with suggestions or if you want things changed/added.
Chalet walkthrough vid here:
Heli-taxi vid here:
Jonathan6506 commented over 4 years ago:
I'm helping you uploading your great mod to under your name as originial author, also with the Verdant Meadows Marina.
Jonathan6506 commented over 6 years ago:
One of the best mods I ever seen! BTW, I'm making an addon for your Chalet (Not replacing any of the chalet), download at, and also my another one (another add-on: cars and weapons) at
Lucifer893 commented over 6 years ago:
game crashes on the mountain :angry:
Skullripper commented over 6 years ago:
Game crashes on the mountain... I must've tested this 100 times, can you tell me what leads up to the crash (are you getting a ride from the heli-taxi or does it crash when you drive up to the mtn. top)... and tell me roughly how far you are from the top of the mtn. when it crashes. Maybe I can figure out which sphere is causing the problems. Could you please do this for me. Pull the chalet.cs file from your cleo4 folder and start a game. Go outside and press + to get a ride to the top of mt.chiliad. If it works, then the problem is with the chalet.cs script. Also, if you can tell me what else you have running will help too (I got about 25 scripts running as well as enb). Sometimes scripts don't play well together when they use the same variables.I'm wondering too if there's a prob with all the particle effects. Some HD particle effect packs don't work well... I had to pull mine and go back to default particles because of stability probs.
Dock174 commented over 6 years ago:
Game crashes on the mountain( :devil:
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