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FlatOut Jump!
Press or hold E to jump from front window!
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Author: Nevitro
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 4.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 18 Sep 2011
Last Updated: 11 Feb 2013
Views: 12316
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.8 (5 votes)
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Hello! This is jump script like jump in FlatOut!
Press E to jump / hold from front window!
2013 - new version, 5.1 !


Controls [v.4.0]:
End = Menu [use arrows and enter (if flatout mod off - other options disable, if Push Up option off - limit too are off)]
E = press / hold to jump from front window - when You hold, You see degress jump. When You drop E, then You jump.
Ctrl = Power Jump button for player in ragdoll [need enable Power Jump]
W, S, A, D = control player character in air

Change log:
1.0 v. : -Simple jump from front window [flatout]
2.0 v. : -Enable / disable mod option
	 -Enable / disable PushUp option
	 -PushUp key - press Ctrl for go up
	 -Fix bug with lag key [now simple script soo computer will do this FlatOut faster]
	 -More powerfull jump from window
3.0 v. : -You can touch ground near 3-4 times before script...
	 -Show distance from start jump to third time touch ground
	 -Show time in air between jump to third time touch ground
	 -Now when he hit ground dont lose life [recomended still use trainer god mode for looooong jumps]
	 -Jump Helper: press END key for help jump to aiming position [recommended use more than 40 degress jump]
	 -Degress changer: default it's 42. When You press F7 key, You can change degress jump from front window - from 0 to 90 degress.
	 -AimHelper: press DELETE to enable / disable. Use W, S, A, D to control player. [like in FlatOut - no fly, just small change land position]
	 -Limit Power Jump: press INSERT key to disable/enable limits for Power Jumps. Limit is 5 times use Ctrl for one jump.
	 -Old ragdoll: Press F8 key for change ragdoll - eudoprhia or normal, from old games ragdoll.
4.0 v. : -Add menu [when menu is enable, player can't control his character].
	 -Press / Hold E to jump. Hold make degress go up to 90 degress and go back down. When You drop E key, then You jump with last degress.
	 -Add "No Hurt" option. Turn ON when You don't want die in falling.-Deleted "Degress change option" [now F7, PageUp and PageDown free] and...
	 -Fix bug with time.
	 -Fix bug with throw from window without ragdoll.
	 -Slow motion like in FlatOut when You hold E.
	 -Player now are little more controllable in air.
	 -Power Jumps limit = 1
5.0 v. : - All keys can be changed
	-Fixed time format
	- I think I fixed [!] bug when player don't jump from vehicle. Now who had this mod and can't jump, should test this version.
	- Added menu on right to see distance and time jump.
	- Added reaction sounds for jump. [AUDIENCE_SOUNDS can be disabled in "jump.ini". The " false" mean disabled, if You want - use "true"].
	-Added explosion on "Pop-Up" player [default - Ctrl] - can be disabled in "Jump.ini" in line "EXPLOSION_POWER_JUMP" - false = no explosion.
5.1 v. : - Next way to fix bug when player don't jump.
	- REMEMBER - You need lastest "script hook" and "script hook net" because without this mod can't work! [Mod use last added native call]

Verstion 5.1:
Version 3 [3.6 really... ].
Version 2:
Version 1:
INFORMATION If You want all time physics objects just, after jump, Delete last 500 objects and again spawn objects2 and objects3 In this mod there are too Long Jump objects. Simple Native Trainer spawn objects2, obj3. Load Obj2 always, but Obj3 and Obj4 are for fun - physics objects. If You spawn obj3 and obj4 your game can don't use forces to objects - game limit for procesors. [I have E8400, mayby Your procesor can calculate many objects] Know bugs: =Water make end distance and timer. =[in version 4.0 repaired this]Sometimes god mode for hit ground don't work ... [recomended use trainer god mode]
gtartravis commented over 5 years ago:
Not sure if this bug is because this mod is conflicting with my other installed mods, but it would seem that when I have this mod installed (confirmed that this is due to THIS mod)Niko can't shoot his gun out of his car, nor can he answer/call from inside his car. Would really like to have this fixed! This mod has been TONS of fun. Besides this bug, mod works very well!
GERgta commented over 6 years ago:
One moment!! I dont have the Newest .net Bla Bla i think :blush:
GERgta commented over 6 years ago:
At first: Thank you for the reply. Second: No there no errors in my console, it only says: 'Jump' is loaded. Third: I tried your Commandline (Online and Offline), It's not working. If you tested it on Ah yeah i forgot your Cookie for Help: :cookie:
Nevitro commented over 6 years ago:
You can press ~ and then you will see console. You see some errors of Jump script? If You just dont can jump You need download lastest NET. Framwork. I see errors with finding commands [soo he don't jump]. If this dosn't work, try turn off internet and run game with commandline: -abc -nomemrestrict -norestrictions -availablevidmem 1.0 -percentvidmem 1.0
GERgta commented over 6 years ago:
I have the new .NET Sripthook and GTA IV FlatOut script 4.0 (from another site) First i thinked: Yes! And then i startet GTA after this i tested the script... Well, its not working correctly. I holded E for a time, the degress menu comes up... BUT i dont get thrown out. I checked the END menu, i played with, and its not working too. Please fix it and then you get a Cookie :cookie: Sry for my bad english...
Nevitro commented over 6 years ago:
Just download lastes Script Hook Net... Should work?
xxLiannexx commented over 6 years ago:
will this update work with patch :die:
killed007 commented over 6 years ago:
Great mod I down loaded from from A dif site. Was upset that mod only used one key. I now see that there is updated version. Thats great. There are so many mods for GTAIV platform that all new asi. &.NetMods mods realy need to have two keys or an ini. Again thanks this is A fun little script.
gumba2 commented over 6 years ago:
works great! thank you Nevitro.
Nevitro commented over 6 years ago:
Yeah, find this mod on There admins sleep :/
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